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Vermintide 2 – The End Times Ain’t Done Yet – A Review From Scroo

Fatshark has done it again. So well in fact that within the first two weeks of release, Vermintide 2 sold more than 500,000 copies and has brought in more revenue for the company than the first title did --ever! Stay with me and I'll tell you what I think so far. (more…)
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Disney Pulls The Plug On Marvel Heroes

It was announced a couple of days ago now that the free to play Isometric MMO, Marvel Heroes will no longer be supported by Disney as they have "...ended [their] relationship with Gazillion Entertainment...". Of course this quote from Disney doesn't outline any detail toward the situation but does go on to say that┬áMarvel Heroes…
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Spintires: MudRunner – Slow Paced Honest Fun – A Review From Scroo

I actually broke a guidline and pre-ordered MudRunner. I mean... No loot boxes, no pay walls, no nonsense and if you already owned the original Spintires game you'd get 50 percent off the already very fair $30 price tag. (more…)
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Should You Play Wolfenstein II?

I finished Wolfie II within a day of starting it and I liked it a lot. Unfortunately I couldn't and still can't record it -at all. Not to mention there was no Steam overlay support at release so I couldn't screenshot it -at all; not even print screen worked. (more…)
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Stuff I’m Looking Forward To

So I'm sitting here drinking a locally brewed Whisky Barrel Brown Ale thinking to myself about how I'm excited for some new games that are coming to PC soon; and just some games I don't have yet that are out already. I figured -Hey I'll write about that so we have something more than WRUP…
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