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Moday Ind-WRUP-endence

What a bad title for this WRUP...

Well I was out of town helping Yoda move to his new place. Trulegendkiller was also there for a bit and of course Yoda, with a freshly broken arm and no internet for a few days yet to come. So we couldn't post a WRUP. I don't know anyone else's excuse around here is for not getting one done. Eh, well I'm sorry on behalf of the crew for not living up to expectations.

But, here in the states it's a holiday weekend for lots of folks so maybe it's not too-too late. On the way home today I heard some statistics for fireworks related injury during this time of year. Just over 10,000 people nation wide end up in the hospital with various wounds from unsafe fireworks handling. The number seems low to me actually considering the tendency to consume alcohol while lighting hand held explosives. I agreed with the radio personality who made the comment that Florida alone should be like 50,000...

Have a safe fourth!

What has everyone played this weekend?

Greywolfe: child of light and shovel knight.

Scrooloose: Well I'm going to be out of town this weekend so probably no games for me. Sadly that means we get yet another Game Club delay but we'll make it up. More Vermintide and The Surge though when I get back and of course Galak-Z for Game Club.

Yoda: Gonna play the "Wait Six Weeks till my frail body can Move like a Human is supposed to Again Game"

Trulegendkiller: (You've been playing Steep, I know cause I was there) I'll be playing Galak-Z, and more Persona 5.

Andrew: Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure

He's been playing Road Rash AR (actual reality)

Truelegendkiller: ohhh sick burn brosefeno!

Yoda: -.- I'll start posting Road Rash pics you bastards!! Don't think I wont!!!


New Bloodborne Patch 1.02 makes game less buggy, but still bloody (awful, if you ask me)

Let’s take a break from all the family friendliness that is Nintendo and visit Bloodborne for a second.

Got stuck because you couldn’t get the Lunarium Key? Good news! The new patch is supposed to fix that.
Apparently, the key became unobtainable once players joined an online multiplayer game in the Forbidden Woods.

Don’t ask me about any of this. I’m still stuck at the first boss and since they also fixed an exploit that allowed you to duplicate certain items, it looks like I will be so for quite some time.
Let’s get back to Nintendo now, before I break into tears.


N64 and Nintendo DS games are now available on the Wii U

Ok, let’s rapid fire this.

Games available will be priced $6.99-$9.99 for DS and $9.99-$11.99 for N64. Transfer of N64 games from the Wii to the Wii U is $2 each.

American user get Yoshi’s Island DS and Super Mario 64, while us Europeans get Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, Mario Kart DS and WarioWare: Touched plus a buy all 4, pay only 3 sale.
Suck on that, American nerds!  (Though you still get them later this month)
Personally, I’m looking forward to Paper Mario, which is supposed to be released on April 30.

Custom button assignments will be able for N64 games and DS games get different display options.

BAM (only 428 more news to go)

Fear and Loathing in Yoshi’s Wooly World

Yoshi gets a new game (which isn’t exactly news) and a new Amiibo (Yeah, we are far from done with those) and both look pretty cool.

Yoshi’s Wooly World expands on the fabric graphic style featured in Kirby’s Epic Yarn, by going full 3D with it. Just like in the adventure of the gay little ball, almost everything in the world is made out of yarn, but the game still manages to achieve a very distinct visual style, thanks to the additional dimension.

Sounds cool, but as Family Guy told us, everything is better with a bag of weed, especially such a colorful and adorable game like this. Nintendo listened to the stoners of the world and so they included “Mellow Mode”. Anytime during play, you are able to switch from good old sober Yoshi to winged Yoshi, which allows you to fly above enemies and get real high, dude.

To get the hidden stoner message really across, they also included another feature. When you buy the new Woolly World Yoshi Amiibo, which is actually made out of yarn(!), you unlock “Double Yoshi”. This somewhat accurate simulation of the paranoid schizophrenia you experience after “playing too much mellow mode”, leads to a second Yoshi following you on every step. Unlike real schizophrenia however, you can actually pick Double Yoshi up and throw him around.

The game and the 3 different color variations of the Amiibo will be available this fall.

Amiibos are becoming a box of very unhealthy, hard and gross chocolate.

In Amiibo News, Nintendo will release Amiibo Tab – Nintendo’s Greatest Bits, which is basically a demo service that lets you play a couple of minutes from different (S)NES games (think the demo function of Super Smash Bros.)

The whole thing is a bit of a joke, to be honest. 3 Minutes of Super Mario? Wow! I better get myself a Mario Amiibo. Hey, wait! Why did it unlock F-Zero?
Yeah, you don’t even unlock the games your Amiibo is from, instead some random demo will be assigned to your Amiibo.
Sure, it will be free when it gets released this spring, but why not include the chance to unlock a full game. They are 20+ years old after all.

Super Amount of Smash Bros. News

Quite a few updates on this game during the Nintendo Direct.
Mewtwo will join the parade on April 28. He will be free to those of you who already bought and registered both the WiiU and 3DS version of the game (deadline was March 31). Everyone else has to pay $4 for him ($5 if you want him on both versions of the game).

Lucas, the main character of Mother 3, will arrive in June and if you’d rather play with your Mii, April 15 sees the release of a costume pack.
But wait, there is even more after the break.

List of Mii Costumes:

·         Smash Bros. T-Shirt (all types of Mii fighters)
·         Cat Suit and Hat (Brawlers only)
·         Monkey Suit and Hat (Swordfighters only)
·         Link Outfit incl. a cap (Swordfighters only)
·         Majora’s Mask (only Headgear, all types)
·         Dunban Outfit and Wig (Swordfighters only)
·         Mega Man X’s Armor and Helmet (Gunners only)
·         Proto Man Armor and Helmet (Gunners only)

Each costume will cost $0.75 ($1.15 for both systems). Complete bundle is available for $6 ($9.20)

Still not happy? You want to play as Soda Popinski? You now have a way of letting Nintendo know that! Head over to the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot, where you can request new fighters.

Oh, and there is an update coming.
Update Ver. 1.0.6 changes:

·         Downloadable Content
·         Tweaked Character Balancing
·         Sharing Functionality on WiiU: Photos, Mii Fighters, Replays, Custom Stages and more.

Prepare for some Nintendo Direct news

Missed the Nintendo Direct yesterday? Don’t worry, so did I. Thanks to the internet though, you can still watch it! Isn’t the world we live in amazing? Don't want to watch it? Fine, I'll write some news too.

But what exactly did we miss? Not much. You know Nintendo, they have no games. It was basically Mario, Pokemon and some Yoshi.
Oh, and Animal Crossing. And Fire Emblem (incl. the Shin Megami Tensei cross-over). And Attack on Titan. And Xenoblade Chronicles. And Puzzle & Dragons Z. And Box Boy. And a load of indies. And Splatoon. Did I mention Fatal Frame yet? No? Well, and Fatal Frame. And new Amiibo stuff. And N64/DS games on the WiiU. And I’m sure I missed something.

Konami Reinstating Kojima into Metal Gear Branding

Konami can't seem to make up their minds, or maybe Kojima can't? A few weeks ago we all heard that Kojima and his team Kojima Productions have been switched to working as "Contractors" rather than employees of Konami, presumably to prepare for their departure after the release of MGS: The Phantom Pain. Shortly after this, Konami began removing his name from various products and brand names. But are they trying to bring his name back to these advertisements? 

More after the break.

David Scammell managed to grab this image on the right from Google Cache and claims it is from March 30th.

The one beneath it shows the newest Brand Image for The Legacy collection and how they have included the Kojima Production text again. 

So does that mean that Kojima is maybe having second thoughts about leaving his beloved franchise in the hands of Konami? Or is is it that Konami believes that Kojima's name holds so much to gain from just including it on their brand images? Maybe it's just Kojima making sure he's credited for his work. Was it just Kojimas special style of PR all along? Whatever the case, keep an eye out for some more details or from either Kojima or Konami in the near future.