WRUP a Day

OMGWTFBBQ it's another weekend. Things are warming up around here and spring has just unloaded on the allergy sensitive, myself included to some extent. Usually I don't get the stuffies and the sniffles this time of the year too terribly, but holy cow this has been quite a pollen filled opener to the season. Hopefully it's not too bad on the day go in for my second vaccine dose. I don't want to be turned away because they mistake it for something worse. Anyway, as the kids say -let's rap. Read more

Easter Time WRUP’ers

Hey everyone, it's the weekend again and I'm a day late. But It' also Easter and hopefully you're all having a nice sunny day with family and friends while a giant rabbit craps colored eggs all over your yard and your kids frantically try to find and eat them. Easter is weird. Read more