Cody Hall / Yoda0VGs


Hey Everyone!
My name is Cody and I really like games! Surprising I'm sure, but here's some more detail.

I used to be a Student Game Director at Chico State Game Studios, a student run Game Studio within the Computer Animation and Game Design Major (CAGD) at California State University Chico. I was  fortunate to have been given the assistance of over 60 fellow students to make a game called Hormone Hysteria (Shameless Plug: Go Play it!) for just under two years.  I graduated in May of 2015 and have been contributing here on Twinstiq almost since its inception.

I have always wanted to be a part of this industry and I hope to land a gig where I can make games that people enjoy as much as I do. Whether that be Board Games, Video Games, or anything in between doesn't really matter to me, I love them all the same!

If I had to pick a favorite gaming genre it would easily be a toss up between Stealth and Rhythm games. Strange as it may be, I love sneaking past guards just as much as I love getting gold stars on the drum track for Painkiller.  So needless to say I am pretty excited for Rockband 4 this year!

I wanted to be apart of Twinstiq because I spent a lot of time on Joystiq in the past and, like many, was quite disheartened to learn of its closure. But I am grateful to have been able to work with the team here at Twinstiq, we are all very different and I think it shows.

Unfortunately earning a living wage by working 40hrs a week limits my time that can be dedicated to contributions to the site. That doesn't mean I will be ignoring what's happening here however, as I do want help make this site great as much as I can! My favorite things to write so far have been what I like to call Past Due Reviews. As someone who wanted to learn as much about how games are made as possible, I always wished there where reviews that celebrated or critiqued each area of the game such as animation, modeling, audio effects, particle effects, lighting, and to study each aspect in detail. Since no one else was doing i decided to go for it! And there are a lot of fun to do and I thought the concept was long overdue. For that reson, and the fact they take a lot of time to write, I decided to call them Past Due reviews :D

I hope you enjoy my writing/rambling and look for me here on Twinstiq, contact me at, or follow me @Yoda0VGs.


Happy Gaming!


Gaming Rig / Living Room Set up

My fiancé and I share the living room space with our two desktop PC's up against the wall that our 44" LED TV hangs from. Either of our PC's can display to said TV with the push of a button, but we mainly use it to stream Netflix from our PS3, or the occasional RockBand Session from the Xbox 360. All 4 devices can be swapped to and from easily and can also be hooked up to my Beovox M75 Speakers (Fellow audiophiles can laugh at such dinosaurs).

As for my Main PC rig itself:

Case: Cooler Master H.A.F.

MB: Asus Sabertooth X58

CPU: i7-980X 6 Cores @ 3.3Ghz

RAM: 16bg 2400mhz


Monitors: 22" LED 1080p Display
19" 1280x1024 Display