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[April Fools] Zynga Files for Chapter 11

In an unfortunate turn of events, social games developer Zynga has filed for chapter 11, a state of reorganization that usually prompts heavy cutbacks and asset solvency. "The free-to-play market is saturated and unfortunately this means our prospects have been diluted" says Chief Engineer Kostadis Rousso, but he adds "We see huge potential in the…
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[April Fools] Nintendo To “Pull a Sega”, Abandon Hardware

Nintendo announced today that after many successful years in the gaming hardware business, they have finally decided to cave to the misguided opinions of a few outspoken armchair "experts" and unsupportive non-fans. Starting today, they will be following in the footsteps of their former rival Sega by abandoning all current and future hardware strategies. "We…
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