No New Content WRUP

Yeah we haven't written anything new since before last week. Hopefully Cody will write something about Tomb Raider, I know he's got that. I do think Greywolfe has something coming soon. I have nothing because I've stopped all spending on games in order to begin purchasing my new PC parts.

I just got my case yesterday. Fractal Design, Define R6 in gunmetal. Love it. Now I'm impatient and I really want to buy the rest of the list. But I have to be responsible and "pay bills" and "buy food" and other things less important than building a new PC, says my brain. But I'm keeping an eye on sales and it looks like I'll be able to save myself even more money as I go along. So I'm happy.

What's the plan Stan?

AJ: Spider-Man, though good, didn’t quite grab me like I had hoped, so I will likely be supplementing my weekend with a little Dead Cells.

Greywolfe: yono is done. i am now pretending to attempt to finish book of unwritten tales. we'll see how that goes. more quest for glory 4 this weekend! and maybe i'll download [but probably not play] rime, because that's the next thing i'm interested in. plus, magic: arena's going into open beta soon. it's still a massive, massive, hilarious travesty. but oh well.

Tru: More Spider-Man… Yes I already finished the game, and got the platinum trophy but it's still fun to swing around the city. Also more Witcher 3.

Scroo: Still playing Monster Hunter World a bit. I feel like I've done what there is to do but it's a really good time so I keep going back. Vernintide 2 as well as long as my group is available.

Yoda: Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the dopeness. Gnna be all over that for a while. Really compelling story thankfully after how trash the last one was.

Dr. S: Work weekend… Yay