Check This WRUP Out

Well, here we are again for another WRUP. Another busy weekend for me. Today will be the second wedding I'll attend in the past two weeks... for the same family. This month has been super busy because along with regular work scheduling I've also been helping them get things ready for party time. The first one took place at a local venue but this one will be at the mother of the bride's house and man it's been a lot of work. But it'll be a fun time. The groom has made a beautiful three tap bar top out of a downed redwood he milled from his dad's house. The kegs are on ice as of yesterday and I'll be pouring for folks in shifts as the evening goes on. The last time there was a wedding in this same location was about five years ago and there were about 75 people that came. Which is plenty of people to have in a back yard, even it's a pretty good sized yard. This time we're looking at a hundred and thirty people. I think it's going to be crowded but there's plenty of space once the reception starts. Anyway I'm rambling and nothing I'm saying has to do with actual WRUP news, so let's get to it. Read more

It’s True, This Is a WRUP

Well good morning everyone, it's another WRUP day and I'm actually here for it, for a few hours at least. Today I'm attending two events. One here just a couple miles from my place at Sierra Cider. They're doing a sort of chill outdoor farmer's market sort of thing with some music and food that sounds like a nice time. Then this afternoon Deadwood Tattoo shop is holding an open house event with beer, food, music and raffles for free tattoos and/or piercings. Between those two events my day is full.

I also have to look for a new water pump for my truck because of course yesterday it started leaking from the weep hole and squealing. I picked up a bottle stop leak with pump lube hoping it'll get me by for a few days and I'll just have to carry water with me. It's sketchy to run like that though. Potential for break down is high. Busy, busy, but time for a WRUP. Read more

Notable New Gaming Releases: Star Wars: Jedi – Survivor, and More…

Well, it's been longer than I meant it to be since my last new releases post, but better late than never, I suppose. At any rate, we're not even to May yet and already one of the heaviest hitters of 2023 has landed! Of course, I am talking about none other than the just-released, Star Wars: Jedi - Survivor, Respawn's hotly-anticipated follow-up to their incredible 2019 smash hit, Star Wars: Jedi - Fallen Order. Early reviews are looking good, but honestly, as long as it plays anything like the previous game, I'm pretty sure it will do nicely.

Also out in the last several weeks, Nintendo's long-awaited Advance wars compilation, Capcom's hotly-anticipated modern console remake of Resident Evil 4, and a PlatinumGames-developed prequel to their bewitching Bayonetta series. Stand against the darkness, then jump past the break to see more new releases from the last few months.

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Bringing The WRUP

Good morning everyone. It's me, Scrooloose, and I'm here with the WRUP. Surprise!

I missed last week because I was so busy. The sun came out and suddenly everyone wants me at their houses to work on various things. I'm happy for the work and the pay, but thank goodness I'm taking a couple of days off because I'm smoked. I have friends here from out of state and I think we're all going to get together and hit up some brew-pups this weekend so I'm looking forward to that. But you're not here to read about my boring middle aged life, so let's go to the WRUP. Read more

That Dang Ol’ WRUP Again

Welcome to another WRUP everyone and here's hoping your weekend isn't going to be nearly as busy as mine. I have been working more or less non-stop since last weekend and this weekend promises no different through at least part of Sunday. As a result I'm taking Monday off completely and doing as little as possible so I can get some legit recovery time in because my body is very tired from everything I've been doing. I'm not complaining though, it's that time of year and frankly I'm glad to be out doing all this stuff now and not when it's hot and dry. Anyway we're not here to talk about my boring-ass work life. Let's look at some WRUP. Read more

My Diablo 4 Open Beta Weekend Impressions

I wasn't going to play the Diablo 4 open beta. I had decided it was going to be too much hassle to wait in long ques and barely get to play over what was already a short time. I would just wait for people to give their written impressions and take a look at some videos to get an idea of what things would be like. Then as the weekend crept up I bent to the winds, reinstalled and downloaded the massive 85 gigabyte limited access demo. So stick with me in my little op-ed and I'll tell you what I thought about it. Read more

The Nintendo 3DS: A 12-Year Retrospective

3D Stereoscopy has experienced something of a recurring fad since its discovery, beginning with stereoscopic photograph viewers, all the way back in the mid-1800s. 3D films first rose to prominence in the 1950s, before mostly dying out and then enjoying a somewhat brief resurgence in the 1980s, and then again from the late (20)00s to early '10s. That most recent period of renewed interest in 3D films also gave rise to some new 3D technologies and devices as well, including televisions and, perhaps most notably, the Nintendo 3DS

For decades, Nintendo had invested in and experimented with various types of 3D tech, including their infamously ill-conceived Virtual Boy system, which they released to the public in the mid-90s (before quickly cancelling it within a year's time) Despite their failures with that much-maligned gaming device, Nintendo eventually opted to try one more time, with the successor to their wildly successful DS portable. In order to avoid one of the most common complaints associated with the vast majority of stereoscopic displays (the need for glasses), as well as to try and avoid any more disastrous product failures, Nintendo wisely invested in a somewhat novel approach for what would become their 3DS system. By utilizing a parallax barrier inside the screen of the 3DS, Nintendo was successfully able to generate 3D images completely free of the usual glasses requirement.

Despite this groundbreaking approach to 3D gaming, the 3DS, not unlike its earlier 3D predecessor, got off to a pretty slow start sales-wise (though not nearly to the extent of the Virtual Boy). Luckily for Nintendo, they were able to mostly turn things around with an early price cut and the announcement of incoming downloadable NES and Game Boy Advance classics for the system, some of which were made available at no cost to early adopters. The 3DS eventually went on to become a moderate success for Nintendo, selling more consoles than the GameCube and the N64 combined (though still only managing to move about half as many the record-holding original DS system). As would be expected of just about any Nintendo device, particularly one with such unique stereoscopic 3D capabilities, the 3DS boasted some pretty uniquely excellent games to match. Here are 12 of the very best titles that the 3DS had to offer.

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