WRUP Again

Well unless you've been under a rock that doesn't have Wifi access you've probably seen the new AMD CPU and GPU releases. They seem pretty promising if you ask me. Intel is still winning the race in terms of total performance in some cases but AMD has definitely brought a competitor this time. The same goes for the Navi, GPU's. They may be mid-range video cards but they're looking great, even adding their own image sharpening to the mix in a simple, on or off, setting in the drivers. The blower cooler is still loud and for some reason restricted in terms of air flow. This means the cards run pretty hot. In the 90's C, in fact. When my old 390X started running at 90 C, it was time to change the thermal paste. Read more

I Finally Played Darksiders 3

You guys probably know that I'm a fan of the Darksiders series from my previous reviews here, both of Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition and the Darksiders: Warmastered Edition. The third iteration has been around close to a year now and it wasn't very well received at launch. I even let the thoughts of others influence my decision not to buy it at that point. That's not generally something I do. Regardless, I waited and with the recent Steam Summer Sale reducing it's price to $20.00, I finally pulled the trigger, (Strife Joke), and picked it up. Here are my thoughts. And be warned, there will probably be some spoilers. Read more

WRUP Time Again

Well it's the weekend again. Whether you're a nine to fiver or a freelancer, self employed or stuck by, "the man", in a cubicle, most of us can generally agree that the weekend is a saving grace from the slow burn of a work week. Unless you also work weekends. In that case, have a great day at work. Read more


Well the weekend is upon us and the official start to Summer in this part of the world happened to be yesterday. My week, in terms of bascially everything, hasn't been great. But I'm hoping to turn that around with some home projects and game time. This week Epic has Rebel Galaxy for free and so far it's been fun. There's no "Z" axis to navigate, which is weird since it's a 3D space game if I'm honest, but I like it so far. Certainly, the sound track is good. Read more

AJ’s E3 2019 Roundup

Well, the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo wrapped up a few days ago and it was definitely a memorable one for quite a few reasons. There was plenty of exciting news from the world of video games, as well as the typical head-scratcher or two. As with most E3s, there were far too many games shown and announcements made to possibly be able to cover everything in a single post, so I went ahead and condensed it down to a more easily digestible dozen for you. So without further ado, here are the top 12 highlights I have selected that were either unveiled or reconfirmed at the event.

Read more

Nine Out of Ten Doctors Say, It’s A WRUP

Well I don't know about where you guys are but out here it's been about as hot as whatever heat related metaphor you'd like to use. And let me tell you it's been kind of miserable to work in when just about 10 days ago it was cool and rainy. Just not really ready for the heat yet I think. But hey, I have friends with pools and beer and that's great. Read more

Stadia? WRUP

So Google Stadia seems like a less than stellar deal. Not that game streaming is itself a bad thing. I do think this kind of service is going to be a real thing in the future, but they're going to have to be something more along the lines of a movie and TV streaming system where you can pick from a library of titles for the cost of your subscription. Stadia is going to work like this: You buy the equipment, which is a Stadia controller and a Chromecast Pro, for ~$130.00. Then you can choose to subscribe to the Stadia service for $10.00 a month and play games at 4k, 60 FPS and enjoy your 5.1 surround sound. Or you can stay on the free service and get 1080p, 60 FPS with standard stereo. Here's the catch though. The games you play have to be purchased separately. At launch the founder's edition paid subscription will include the whole of Destiny 2. Which is okay I guess, but Destiny 2 is going to be free to play on Steam before the launch of Stadia in November. Now, that free to play Steam version doesn't include the whole Destiny 2 collection but it does seem like less of a great deal in comparison. And there is some confusion on whether or not the Stadia version of Destiny 2 will come with your paid subscription, or only with the founder's edition purchase, which is not the same as a normal paid subscription... *Whew*...  I guess we just have to wait and see. Read more

Strange Things WRUP

Starting off with the weather here in June... rain, hail, snow and thunder storms. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying not cooking in the high 90's already, but it's a little weird for this time of year to be getting snow around here. More relevant to the WRUP, there's also news of Sony and Microsoft coming together in some kind of perverse harmony to improve cloud game streaming. What's the world coming to? All joking aside it actually looks pretty interesting. Whether you like it or not. Digital Foundry has a very informative video on the subject that I'll toss in below. Microsoft is even going to be adding some 20 titles to Steam pretty soon here. Strange times we live in. Read more