Alright it’s WRUP Time

Hey everyone and welcome to the first weekend of the new year. Hopefully everyone is doing well and enjoying the season so far. I just got my booster shot on Thursday and though I was expecting to be more or less laid up while my body reacted to it, it wasn't to be so. The worst I had to deal with -and am still to an extent- is the soreness from the injection itself. A few hours after the shot I couldn't lift my arm over shoulder height without some serious strain. But that was it. I never got the fever and chills and energy drops that the second shot gave me. So here's to that. And here's to everyone getting their vaccines because it's getting harder and harder to find anyone who isn't effected by COVID now. I now know of two friend's kids who have it currently, they're deniers though so to them it's all BS, and an elderly lady who is getting over it after having a relatively mild case. She was fully vaccinated so it didn't hit her hard thank goodness. This is a woman in her late 80's with lots of immune issues and she's recovering now. Vaccines work. Not to mention several folks who got it early on, friends of friends, my own distant family members -some of which didn't not survive. This is a real deal, people who still don't think it's a real thing, please do your research.

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AJ’s Picks: The 12 Best Games of 2008 – A 12(+)Year Retrospective

As you might have noticed by now, I have kind of a thing for gaming retrospectives. I also love anything having to do with the number 12. For those reasons, I've decided to debut a new retrospective series where I take a look back at the best games from 12 years ago. In the case of this particular article, the year 2008. Now you may be thinking, "it's 2022, shouldn't this article be about 2009 or even 2010?" And the answer is, you got me. I meant to post this nearly a year ago. My bad. Maybe I'll do one for 2009 next month. Just go with it. 2008 was a special year for gaming that saw a number of truly exceptional titles grace the various consoles of the day. Please join me as I look back at what I feel pretty good about saying were 12 of the absolute best.

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Happy New Year – A WRUP

Good morning on this cold January sunrise, the first of 2022. Here's hoping everyone celebrated safely last night, or like me, just chilled and played some games and stayed away from the crowds. I'm usually pretty boring on new years. Not much of a crowd loving guy. Anyway, here's hoping this year treats us better than these previous two did. Read more

On With the WRUP

Well, it seems to be about that time again to find out what we're all playing and talk about some pseudo-random topics. It's a beautiful Saturday morning and I'm not sure I have a lot planned for the day. Frankly that's okay, it's been a weird week and I would like to have some time for things to normalize. I might even actually get a start on the front end rebuild I have to for my truck this weekend while the weather is still warm. Anyway, let's see what's happening. Read more

Post Celebration WRUP

Hey everyone, hopefully you all had a great Thanksgiving without much family conflict. Mine was awesome. Relatively small, we only had about 9 people but it was two days for us all eating turkey, ham, prime rib and the usual sides. Weather was great and I have three fire pits so we set up tables outside and lit those fires to sit by while we ate and drank and had a great time. I cooked and that included desserts of which were the ubiquitous pumpkin pies and a pecan pie but also a rum cake. We played a couple of board games and taught my brother-in-law's nephews to throw knives (this happened before the drinking), drank some great beer and wine and had a great time. In a weird a fun twist my sister and I found out through genealogy that we're technically, though very far back in line, the duke and duchess of a castle in Ireland that is now owned by Bono of U2. What a trip that is. Anyway, let's take a look at the WRUP. Read more

Holy [WRUP] Did You See That?

I'm exhausted. I've been working my ass off clearing brush around my place. This past week I've thinned out some very overgrown forest on my property to be more fire safe and much healthier, not to mention more aesthetic. In a space of about two thousand square feet I cleared out almost two hundred trees and enough dead and fallen brush and limbs to make three burn piles about ten feet in diameter and more than eight feet high. Even after all that I left around thirty threes in place (still overgrown for that size area) and I have quite a bit more to clean out in the surrounding area. It's a project I've been needing to do for years. I also had a long time friend of mine call about a tree falling on her fence to which I was recruited for repairs. Turned out that the tree that fell was also good wood so I ended up bucking it up and splitting it into fire wood and moving that up a hill by wheelbarrow loads. My body feels like it was in a car wreck and that's a little weird because I'm not unaccustomed to hard work. I've done this stuff most of my life. Today will be fairly chill though, thank goodness - an oil change, some painting before new gutters go up and a leaky shower mix valve to be fixed. But enough about me, let's look at what we're here for. Read more