Another Late WRUP

Yep, it's me again and I have formed a habit of creating WRUPs late. I just got involved in the day yesterday and never wrote one. No good excuse and I bet you probably don't care much anyway since we have so little content these days anyway. But here we are just the same. Let's see what's going on around here shall we? Read more

WRUP Stuff

Hey everyone, what's the good word? For me it's getting a new mountain bike and for the last couple weeks now I've been riding around and familiarizing myself with it. Nothing crazy, just an entry level hard tail, trail bike. But man I'm loving it so far. I've started building a trail here at home to ride with some fun turns and elevation changes and jumps etc. Trial and error testing has lead to some falls, though thankfully nothing major. I'm having a lot of fun with it so far and hopefully soon, before the weather really goes south and gets snowy, I and close friend will get to ride some fun forest roads we have in mind locally. My bike, for anyone who cares, is a 2021 Polygon Cascade 2. It's really solid and I would recommend if you're looking for something new to ride or just want to get started, or restarted like me, look at Polygon and this website here. Quality seems really excellent and the retailer has great customer support. The bikes are built, tuned, tested and shipped from their facility and I got mine in a mere three days.

Alright let's look at some game stuff. Read more