Hi, folks.  I'm greywolfe an ex-commmentor from Joystiq.

Those of you who knew me from there will know that I have fairly strong opinions on particular matters [digital rights management, the way games are sold as exclusives and how gaming has turned from a $60 hobby into a $100+ hobby because of "downloadable content."]

I have a strong appreciation for older titles, most notably old adventure games and turn-based rpg's - so long as there is a single protagonist and a good story.  For modern games, I have found myself picking up a fair number of "retro-styled" platformers and the more interesting story-based games that have come down the pike.  Modern AAA gaming doesn't do very much for me and I believe that the future of our hobby lies with the independent developers who do such great and diverse work.

I have joined the Twinstiq crew, partly because I figure I should give something back to the community that made Joystiq so great, but also because I figure that I'd like to do some more writing on a schedule.

My current schedule for articles is:
General opinion-based pieces on Monday.
Review-focused pieces on Friday.

Thank you to everyone who reads my work and comments.  Your interest is greatly appreciated.

Other places you can find me on the world-wide-web:
Twitter:  @lostwolfe
YouTube Channel:  lostwolfe's lair
Blog:  lostwolfe's lair