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WRUPing Break

One has to love Saturdays that start with work because something broke. Even better when you don’t know how to fix it. Anyway, while I wait for someone from the IT department to maybe show up (but more likely not, because they don’t work on weekends), let’s do the WRUP! (more…)
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basic WRUP

I’m really fucking exhausted from this week. Things are happening, but in the gaming sphere it’s mostly Mario, Destiny, Assassin’s Creed and shooting Nazis. We all know how that goes, so let’s get to the point: What is everyone playing over the weekend? (more…)
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I’m running out of WRUP

Season of games continues, so let’s not keep you guys from sharing. Ok ok, fine… I just want to get back to playing more Golf Story.   So, what is everyone playing over the weekend?   Thomas: Since I won’t be home, more Switch. Golf Story, Stardew, Mario & Rabbids… Scroo: Still working on Divinity…
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This WRUP again

And so it began, the season of despair. The season of broken piggy banks and neglected relationships. The season of AAA video game releases. Destiny 2 came, stayed and comes again in 2 weeks when the PC version releases and I finally get my hands on it. The EA Sports shit is out, Xbox finally…
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