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I’m really fucking exhausted from this week. Things are happening, but in the gaming sphere it’s mostly Mario, Destiny, Assassin’s Creed and shooting Nazis. We all know how that goes, so let’s get to the point:

What is everyone playing over the weekend?

Thomas: My mind is empty. No idea.

Grey: one more down, two more to go.  so, a few weeks back, i finished off stories.  i still had kyrandia 2, space quest 5 and dream daddy on my plate.  well.  no more.  kyrandia 2 is gone.  i'd forgotten about that dumb hanoi endgame puzzle - and for good reason.  it was a TERRIBLE puzzle.  so, next up?  i'm going to do the remainder of the routes i have for dream daddy.

Cody: Finally a somewhat Free Weekend! Destiny 2 Awaits us Dr. S! Also I wanna get Elite VR working on my phone :p

AJ: Lords of Thunder and Splatoon.

Scroo: So much more MudRunner and I'm probably going to pull the trigger on picking up Battle Chasers. I plan on checking out Episode 0 in Wolfie 2 but I don't imagine that will take more than about an hour. Also the usual Vermintide rat massacre will take place I'm sure.

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  1. Tim Chesson says:

    Been feeling like crap all weekend, but still managed to play Bloodborne for most of Saturday. Finally made it past the first boss in the DLC, Ludwig the Accursed, with the help of an over powered NPC. And I’m poised to tackle the secret final boss in the main game as soon as I wrap the DLC.

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