Rise and Wrup

Holy shit, it’s already Sunday and I completely forgot about the WRUP. Sorry, not sorry… the new Civilization add-on came out. Don’t expect anything of me in times like these. Anyway, time to get back to world conquering.

What has everyone been playing over the weekend?

Thomas: Civ 6. Bam!

Grey: oh god.

i fell down a rabbit hole.  now i'm daily questing again in all the ccg's i have fallen away from.  what have i done?!  also:  getting closer to beating the second campaign of etherlords 2 + about two thirds of the way through book of unwritten tales.  wilbur's a mage!  [which means that a LOT of the game is done.]

AJ: Injustice 2. NetherRealm seems to be making all the Justice League film gear available to earn in multiverse mode again this week. (And I missed it the first time around.) Also Steep, since the Winter Games have officially started now.

Scroo: More Grim Dawn because, like Greywolfe, I've fallen down the rabbit hole again. I started Nioh and it seems like it's going to be pretty good. Kind of a 'Soulseque' action game set in Japan with a character that looks a lot like Geralt from Witcher. And of course I'll be watching the Olympics.