The Game WRUP

Video Game Awards: Coked up fuck guy. Accounting Plus. Everyone licking Kojima’s dick. Did I miss anything? Good, so let’s continue with the main event.

What is everyone playing over the weekend?


Thomas: Maybe some Skyrim, maybe some Zelda, who knows.

Scroo: More or less a copy & paste of last week: MudRunner, Battle Chasers, Vermintide. Silence, for what little I've played so far, is promising to be quite beautiful. But I think I already know the twist so I'll have to see how it plays out.

Grey: it's sierra december time!  that means all sierra games all the time.  [plus a light sprinkling of other stuff that needs finishing off]:  i've gotten through manhunter 2 and am currently winding my way through the very beginnings of conquests of camelot.  manhunter 2 is MUCH better than the original.  camelot?  i'm not sure.  i'm worried the religious angle might bork the game.  as for the rest?  i have one last dream daddy achievement to do [an easy one] and am winding down saints row 4 [if only i could get the gold medal for one of the dumber activities in the game.]

AJ: Vanquish and Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Cody: Gonna finish up Force Unleashed 2 and hop back into some more Mud Runner and Elite