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WRUP of the Dead

What a week. We finally have a name and first impression of the NX, Red Dead Redemption 2 got announced, and a couple of hours ago my doctor told me that there is something seriously wrong with my health. Soooo, yeah. Video Games, am I right? Sorry, not really in the state of mind to…
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Nimble WRUP

So Palmer Luckey is funding a pro-Trump group. I wonder what that will do to the sales of the Rift and his relationship with Mark Zuckerberg.  The Facebook CEO is not exactly known to be a fan of Trump and Oculus is still struggling hard to reach an audience. Then again, Palmer was only in…
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Something Something WRUP

Something something games. Something something news. Something something I’m tired, fuck this. Something something playing?   Dr. S: need to play some more game dev tycoons for work (mostly to get the screenshots at this stage), so I will play 5 different business sims in 2 days. Is that world record material? Probably not, but…
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WRUP from the dead

You might have noticed that we didn’t have a WRUP last week. That’s because I came back sick from my vacation. You might have noticed that we didn’t have anything else on the site since last week. That’s because everyone else is dead as well. Or they are playing Deus Ex/No Man’s Sky/any of the…
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