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I originally wanted to talk about the new Prey here (which is overall pretty good and totally worth playing), or more specific how it’s ending is an absolute failure thanks to it playing it way too save despite having a rather complicated setup, but I guess no one here has finished it so… Go and…
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We now have internet connected padlocks that can’t be opened if the battery runs dry, rereleases of 25 year old consoles that are sold out months before they go on sale anBUGS! A GIANT BUG! For fucks sake… a giant bug just flew in my face -.- I hate 2017. So, what is everyone playing…
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too hot to wrup

I hate summer and I hate my flat.   Thomas: Anything I'd play on my PC or console would just increase the temps in my flat even more and it's already a sauna, so maybe some Switch stuff while taking refuge in my fridge. Grey: i'd like to say that i have been/will be productive,…
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Post Wrup 3

Did everyone get through E3 alive? If so, tell us about your personal highlights. Who “won”? Who “lost”? Is PS VR epic, or is it just great? So many important questions… But the most important of all: What are you playing over the weekend? (more…)
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Summer in VRUP

So I’ve been mostly immersed in VR for the last week and I have to say: still loving it. I also found out that motion sickness gets a lot better over time, at least in my case. Now, I was never having large issues with it, but certain games that allowed you to move and…
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Have you learned the language of WRUP?

Recently the “Are video games and the accompanying coverage too much aimed at the people who are already intimately familiar with the medium and too little towards those that aren’t”-debate started gaining some traction again and I usually wouldn’t dare to take part in a discussion of such importance to the citizens of this brave…
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WRUP: Automata

After Scroo's review of Nier: Automata I've finally decided to jump into it and even though I'm still at my first playthrough, it's already charming me to death. It's such a weird and unique experience from an atmosphere and story POV, yet offers a very solid gameplay experience (that's also an interesting and unique mix…
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