WRUP Society

Our industrialized and digitalized society has grown fat. More and more people work from home, sitting 16hours a day, with food delivered to the door. We’ve lost our connection to production processes and through social media we become more and more disconnected from what was once the predominant form of society. But don’t worry, that’s all going to stop now. Hunter-gatherer society is back, bitches. Monster Hunter: World has arrived. And those who would rather go down in flames still have DragonBall FighterZ.

Oh, and 4iF has officially started. I doubt very much that I’ll get anywhere close to 4 games finished this year, since February will probably be rather busy for me and I’m currently playing JRPGs and sports games, but you guys go ahead.

Anyway, what is everyone playing over the weekend?


Thomas: I’ll try to hold onto modern society by playing more Persona 5 and maybe Night in the Woods since that’s now out on the Switch

Scroo: Gonna be a busy weekend for me but hopefully I'll be doing more of the usual: Horizon Zero Dawn, probably Grim Dawn and maybe some Warframe with Yoda if the times line up for us. I finally got Nioh and installed that as well so that's kind of burning a hole in my Steam Library. I just hope I've got time to play some games!

Cody: Definitely gonna check out more Warframe before I leave town for the next two weeks

AJ: Horizon: Zero Dawn and Injustice 2.

Tru: So much more of Assassin's Creed Origins.

Grey: owlboy, for four in february, but also:  space quest 5 [i just beat quirk at battleship] - etherlords 2 - where i'm roaming around the countryside beating up on random guys as they cross my path and book of unwritten tales:  my little gnome friend, wilbur is now a mage.  kind of.  he just has to complete his "initiation."  [he has to perform a spell, mix a potion and get a magic artefact.]