WRUPing Break

One has to love Saturdays that start with work because something broke. Even better when you don’t know how to fix it. Anyway, while I wait for someone from the IT department to maybe show up (but more likely not, because they don’t work on weekends), let’s do the WRUP!

And what a WRUP it must be. After all, we just had a Steam-Sale. Fun fact: I didn’t buy a single game during the sale. How does one manage to do that? Easy, being strapped for cash while also looking for a new flat. Turns out buying access to lootbox dispensaries isn’t that high one your list in such a scenario. That said: I was stupid enough to buy Skyrim on the Switch the week before, so… yeah, can’t be that proud about my frugality.

Anyway, what were you buying during the sale and more importantly, what is everyone playing over the weekend?


Thomas: Skyrim if it stops crashing. Otherwise Stardew Valley.

Grey: dream daddy is basically finished.  i have one last run [and then a handful of bonus items] to take care of.  next, it's time for...SIERRA DECEMBER.  i think i've settled on this year's games.  we'll see.  [and i'll start talking about them next week.]  that officially makes it 3/3 after the stories debacle where i didn't want to touch games for a while because it burned me out :P

Scroo: I'm still going stong in MudRunner and I'm quite enjoying Battle Chasers. I might yet be picking up a couple of wishlist items that have finally come down in price and checking them out as well. I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.

AJ: Halo 2 and Redout

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