womanly WRUP-Boxes in the black Normandy

Call of Duty WW2 is out now, so that should be it for big releases this year, right? Did I miss something? Oh, the new Battlefront… yeah, who cares. Star Wars, innit? Back to Call of Duty. Remember when certain people were certainly outraged about the fact that you could play as a female or black Nazi? I mean, that’s positively scandalous… Blacks in the German army? Females holding guns? THIS HAS NO PLACE IN A REALISTIC DEPICTION OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR!

I wonder, are these people now also rallying in anger about the introduction of not just loot boxes, but actual (digitally) physical loot crates that drop onto the beaches of Normandy and give you amazing new emotes and other shit. That’s not even all. Other players can apparently see you open the loot box and there are in-game challenges like watching 3 other players open loot crates while playing CoD:WW2. I mean coooome ooon… 2018 will be a great year for AAA-gaming. If shit continues at this pace, you won’t be able to play next year’s Call of Duty Vietnam without being hooked up to some DRMed drip infusion setup that pumps Activision-branded heroin through your veins whenever you open one of those fucking crates. First 5 crates are free! Don’t share needles!

Oh, and breaking News: Runic Games is no more, because games as a service… well and Hob selling like Papa John’s Pizza (aka. not very well apparently. Maybe I’m wrong with the Papa John’s thing though. I’m Austrian, we are next to Italy so we don’t have Papa John’s over here. Just heard some people on Twittaaaaaaanyway, what is everyone playing or junking into their bodies over the weekend?

Thomas: MAAARIO! Again not at home, so the Switch stays my weekend platform of choice. Can’t complain atm. since Mario is pretty damn fantastic, but the siren call of Destiny 2 was keeping me away from it for the most part.

Grey: haha.  so.  maybe kyrandia 2.  maybe space quest 5.  maybe dream daddy.  i dunno.  i'm still all gamed out after having finished stories.  something about that game ate my soul :P  incidentally, i also [finally] finished the new shovel knight expansion [specter of torment] - that ending was SO bittersweet.

Cody: If I have time Ill take the dice into Destiny 2, I also spent some money earned in Dota on Elite and Darkwood while they where on sale. So hopefully I can check those out as well.

Scroo: MudRunner for me! So far playing this one has made me regret never getting Spintires, but MudRunner is basically an update to the former anyway and it's really cool. Also the typical Vermintide, ratman beatdown and I might be tracking down Uberkommanders in Wolfie 2 here and there still -Recommendation article to come.


  1. brokedownsystem says:

    The Evil Within 2 is great fun. it reminds me of gameplay from the Last of Us for some reason.

    I might get in a little Mario Odyssey. Looking forward to the cod campaign and seeing if the mp has turned into an awful mess or not. Not holding my breath after how the last beta turned out.

  2. Tim Chesson says:

    I spent Friday night playing Fornite Battle Royale with 3 other friends and a bottle of vodka into the wee hours of Saturday morning. It was an absolutely great time.

    I spent a lot of Saturday afternoon returning to my PSVR. I finally finished the last level of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and started playing Time Machine. And now it’s about 1am Sunday morning and I just wrapped up Destiny 2 on the PC for the night.

    For the rest of the weekend I think I might return to Bloodborne and some more VR.

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