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Thomas: Tried out Escapists 2, but I’m not really feeling it. If I find the time, I’ll probably try to finish up South Park: Fractured But Whole. Still enjoying it, but like the first, it’s starting to get stale halfway through. Not sure how they could fix it. Maybe with a bigger world. Less backtracking etc.

Grey: watching kung pow!  plus playing some more etherlords 2, book of unwritten tales 1, space quest 5 and children of the zodiarcs.  bout, space quest and etherlords 2 are all winding up.  i feel like i'm about half way with zodiarcs, but i'm taking it pretty slowly, mainly because between missions i'm grinding.  not so much for the dice, because i find the dice system a little wonky but more for the stat boosts and new cards.  plus, it makes approaching the story missions altogether less stressful if i do a little grinding every now and then.

AJ: More Horizon: Zero Dawn and Nioh.

Cody: Got back into Witcher 3. Playing through it on Death March. You actually have to use all the systems (i.e. potions, oils, correct signs all to just have a fighting chance against a strigan or werewolf. Aside from that I'll be playing the "Use my MoviePass to see as many of the movies that will come for only one weekend here thanks to Disney's Last Jedi bullshit" game

Scroo: Still going in Shadow of War, I think act 3 is starting soon. Horizon Zero Dawn also has me in it's clutches still. I never did fire up Elite Dangerous so I'm still hoping to do that. And of course Vermintide with friends as usual.

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    Tim Chesson says:

    Grey, I love Kung Pow and I make no apologies for my cinematic tastes.

    I started off this weekend by playing a Friday night session of PUBG duos with a friend on the Xbox. We had to take a break midway through to install an update that added the option to hold the left trigger to aim, like every other shooter out there. And I’m proud to say last night brought us a few top 10 finishes and one chicken dinner. All in all a fun night of gaming.

    Tonight I’m not sure what I’ll be playing. Either more PUBG or Battlefront 2 if my friends are online, and if not I’ll probably be playing Deus Ex: MD. My hot take of 2018 is that I’m enjoying Mankind Divided a lot more than I enjoyed Prey.

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