Distilled WRUPer

Girlfriend is waiting and I almost forgot to do this, so no time to waste!

Battlefront/EA controversy, Destiny controversy, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is out, something something Game Awards, To the Moon 2 got announced, Trump is still president of the USA and Austria will soon join his axis of fascists.

Anything I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments. Oh, and also answer the question you’re here for. You know, the one that goes:

What is everyone playing over the weekend?

Thomas: I hope to find some time for Wolfenstein 2 and Ruiner. Both deeply flawed games I really dig for their setting and style. Also that Ruiner Soundtrack…. Sooo good.

Scroo: Pretty much more of the same for me. MudRunner, Battle Chasers, Vermintide as I can fit it in but I might install Silence and see what it's all about as well. Been a busy week so I'm looking forward to a couple of chill days.

Cody: Oh jeez.
I wanna play more Mudrunner, but I also wanna hop back into Elite, but I wanna revisit Battlerite because Fuck Yes a fighting game on PC that seems natively k&m based!, but I also wanna finally play Force Unleashed but I need to fix my ps3, But Destiny 2 with their fantastic level design in the Crucibal calls me back... AND there are now 5 movies I want to see and haven't yet.. And I can only see one a day!!!!
Damn you first world problems!!!!!

Grey: dream daddy is basically finished.  i mopped up most of the achievements last night.  just mopping up the last couple.  i'm also back to mowing through saints row 4.  having done most of the side stuff, i'm now doing the story based missions so i can get the very last of the powers so i can finish off those activities.  after that, i don't expect the rest of the game to take very long.

AJ: Marvel - Ultimate Alliance and Bomberman '93

Tru got himself a Switch, so my guess he’s playing Zelda and or Mario