Month: September 2015

Live-Action Miniseries based on SOMA coming through the tubes

The Folks behind the recently released SOMA, which is already on my contender list for the Twinstiq Awards, are currently releasing a live-action series that promises to take a look at what happened before the events of the game. The first episode clocks in at 5 minutes, and more will be released daily on their YouTube channel until Oct. 5th.
Little warning though: The first episode does include some slight spoilers, unless you’ve seen their teaser trailer before. Read more

New Steam Store Releases: Soma

One of the most talked-about games to hit the Steam Store this week is Frictional Games' underwater sci-fi horror title, Soma. The game looks to be a bit like Amnesia meets BioShock, which is interesting enough in itself. On top of that, it seems like the story might be worth the price of admission, alone. I don't know about you, but I will definitely be checking this one out at some point.

Also new this week, Blood Bowl 2, a (so far) pretty tepidly-received enhanced port of Final Fantasy V, and an epically crazy sci-fi twin stick shooter called Assault Android Cactus. Talk about a dark descent, then proceed further to see more of this week's new releases.

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Late Night Wrup the II

Well, turns out that my game of the year so far, is a game I’m too chickenshit to play myself, and it’s actually not that great of a game anyway. SOMA, the new title by the folks behind the first Amnesia, offers one of the most interesting pieces of Sci-Fi I’ve seen in years however. It’s a story that keeps you guessing all the way through and is asking some really great questions. Shame it’s a horror title.

But what’s everybody playing over the weekend? Read more

Mad Max – A Past Due Review

Mad Max is a fascinating game. It does a lot of great things, some questionable things, and a few things that are not a good fit for everyone. Should you pick it up? Well that’s one of the harder questions to ask as it depends on what type of gamer you are.

But before we can attempt to answer that question we need to carefully explore this game’s various systems. In this Past Due Review we will be exploring animation quality, character and environmental modeling, lighting, particle effects, audio, game mechanics, level design, and more. Every facet of the game will be discussed for at least a paragraph, exploring which sections work well and which ones didn’t survive the wasteland.

Also keep in mind if you're used to expecting a score at the end of a review, you won't find it here. I like to let these different aspects of a game stand on their own. 


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Twisted Metal for PS3 First Impressions.

The PS2 was the home for all kinds of games. I remember walking down the video game aisle and seeing lots of games branded as PS2 Greatest Hits back in that era. There were a lot of games that I hadn't heard of and I wanted to give them a try. I recall that the Twisted Metal Black cover looked like something interesting, but I had never given it a chance. When I did, I found a legendary game.
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New PlayStation Store Releases: FIFA 16

Soccer fans can spend even more time on the virtual pitch with the second great soccer game released on the PlayStation Store in as many weeks. FIFA 16 is here to kick balls and take penalties...or something to that effect. Also out this week, underwater sci-fi survival horror game, Soma, "fantasy" football game Blood Bowl 2, and Pumped BMX +. Take your penalty kicks, then proceed further to see more of this week's new releases.

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