Late Night Wrup the II

Well, turns out that my game of the year so far, is a game I’m too chickenshit to play myself, and it’s actually not that great of a game anyway. SOMA, the new title by the folks behind the first Amnesia, offers one of the most interesting pieces of Sci-Fi I’ve seen in years however. It’s a story that keeps you guessing all the way through and is asking some really great questions. Shame it’s a horror title.

But what’s everybody playing over the weekend?

  • Andrew (Twitter): Dead Rising 2. I'm also playing through Arkham Asylum for the third time.
  • Dante: Hearthstone, TF2 and Dragon's Crown.
  • Thomas (Twitter): Still on MGS, Mad Max and now also Mario Maker. I hate this time of the year. Did I mention Forza? No? Well, Forza too. Oh, and Blood Bowl 2, because I need to review that. Guess I need to kick some of those from my list for this weekend. NOT MGS THOUGH! NEVER! NEEEEVEEEER!!!!
  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube): hearthstone - mostly just messing around, rex nebular:  escape the prison!, inca [i /really/ need to finish that game off - i'm so close] and police quest 3- in which i walk around a park.  the big wow project continues apace:  i'm nearly at level 20 :) - and evoland 2 was /amazing/ - i need to find something to play in it's stead.
  • Yoda0VGs (Twitter): Hopefully I'll be whitting my pants this weekend playing SOMA!! (Thanks again Dr. S!!) if I can't handle it for long periods of time I'll break it up with some Dota2 to break my spirit!!