Happy Hallowrup!

Happy Halloween Twinstiqers! Well, maybe not just yet but there is less than a week to go now! Though personally, I like to get in the spirit all month long. Thankfully, that's been relatively easy this year thanks to the the new movie Zombieland: Double Tap, and new game (re-)releases such as Ghostbusters, Vs Castlevania, and MediEvil.

Don't feel like you have to spend a lot of scratch to enjoy the season though. Sometimes grabbing a candy bar and some popcorn and just sitting down to watch a favorite scary movie works just as well. Whatever you like to do, I hope you've been getting as much enjoyment out of this October as I have. And even if not, just remember that you've still got a few days left to get in on the fun!

What's everybody playing this weekend?

AJ: Just picked up MediEvil and Fallout: New Vegas In Space, aka The Outer Worlds, so I will definitely be playing those. In addition, I will also be playing some Ghouls ‘N Ghosts, as well as more Vs Castlevania. I also plan to pick up Luigi’s Mansion 3 when that comes out on Halloween Day.

Dr S: after the last couple of weeks i really look forward to just spending my day with The Outer Worlds and not giving a fuck about anything else. Can really use a break from life

Greywolfe: well, i've sort of not played lego:  lord of the rings in several days.  i dunno if i'm going back to that.  on the plus side:  i have basically beaten titan quest.  [but just the base game and not immortal throne and beyond.] - i ran into a problem with the last boss, but tonight and on stream, i think i'm going to kill him.  [of course, i said that last week, too.] - otherwise, my grind in quest for glory 4 is winding down so i can...gasp!  actually do the quests.  :) - as for the rest:  kyrandia 3 is now in full swing and i've just started rime.  we'll see how that goes.  a mild, later addition to this wrup post:  titan quest [but not immortal throne] is done :)

Scroo: I'll be out of town this weekend but after I get back I'll probably pick up Outer Worlds and get a start on it. I'm also getting deeper into The Surge 2 and I don't really want to interrupt my momentum there. I'm really enjoying it and there are some clear changes to weapons and combat that though seem minor, have changed my play style versus the first game. I may do some boss videos even though I'm super late to the party.

Yoda: Well I downloaded The Outer Worlds since it's free on Game Pass. Tried it our for about 45 minutes in Friday morning. Honestly it wasn't grabbing me like I had hoped it would... It just feels really stale so far. And the story is laughably executed with some pretty Cringey voice acting. I'll try to guve it more of a chance later but this weekend I'm gnna get my spooky on in Warframe. There's a big Halloween event starting this weekend and I've been having a blast making my own Music with the Bard Warframe.

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