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So there's a cool little device coming along from Analogue...

It's called the Pocket and it'll look like a semi old school Game Boy. Set to cost $199 USD it'll play tons of game cartridges from your childhood library. Game boy, Game boy Advanced, Game boy Color, Lynx, Neo Geo Pocket and Game Gear. It looks like it will be available next year some time and I honestly think I may be interested. I still have my original Game Boy from the '80s and somewhere I still have all those games. Might be cool to check it out.

So what's the plan this weekend?

AJ: Still enjoying my favorite month with some seasonally appropriate games such as Vs Castlevania and more Batman: Arkham Knight.

Greywolfe: i finally beat the third campaign of etherlords 2.  so i'm putting that to rest for a little while before picking up campaign four.  that game and i are going on a journey.  lol.  i'm now playing rime, instead of etherlords 2.  and it's quite a change of pace.  quest for glory 4 is going.  still stat grinding, but nearing the end of that, so i'll be able to pick up the game again and actually play it.  i'm nearing the end of original titan quest for the stream i'm doing and going to move onto what would have been "immortal throne."  might actually be this weekend, i'm not sure.  otherwise, i beat spyro 2 and have picked up lego:  lord of the rings in it's stead.  it's a cute retelling of that story, but my god!  there's a stupid number of collectibles.  and that's about it, from me.  :)

Scroo: I finally got to start playing The Surge 2 and I'm liking it so far. I'm not a huge fan of the weapons acquired not performing the way they do on the enemy wielding them but, I don't have many complaints otherwise. Probably some work this weekend, both at home and otherwise. I'm getting late start on my firewood stockpile so I definitely need to get a couple truck loads cut, split and stacked.

Yoda: Warframe and Board Games. Also DND 5th was like 40% off this week so I finally picked that up. Been wanting to try that for a good while. But yeah mostly Warframe. I keep discovering stuff I had no idea existed. And I don't even want to know how many hours I have sunk in so far lolAlso my login bonus two days in a row was a 75% off their premium currency discount. Which is the rarest login bonus. So needless to say I kicked the devs some hard earned loot for their work and proceeded to spend it all on useless but pretty decorations and skins :P

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