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WRUP: Isolation.

I'm not playing Alien:  Isolation because a bunch of other Twinstiq folks are and I'm not very into horror games at all, I'm afraid.  Plus.  Halloween has come and gone. So, let's talk about games OTHER than Alien:  Isolation that the Twinstiq crew are playing: (more…)
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Games To Play When It’s Halloween

It's almost here again. Halloween. My favorite holiday of them all. This time of year, I tend to become a little obsessed with things that are dark, spooky, and/or macabre. I like to break out stories by Edgar Allan Poe, or watch movies by Tim Burton or John Carpenter (the original Halloween movie is one of my favorites). You…
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The WRUP For Red October

So, it seems that the good doctor will be without internet for a few days and, evidently, the honorable task of posting the weekly WRUP has now fallen to me. I shall try not to disappoint. But what to talk about here? How about the fact that we're into October already? How crazy is that?! I feel…
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