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Well here comes Diablo 4...


There are some game play trailers as well and as much as I dislike Blizz these days this new Diablo looks great to me and I'll probably (definitely) bend in the wind and play the crap out of it.

In other news The Outer Worlds is lots of fun but also pretty easy. Though I'm only playing on normal and I do feel like there could be some added difficulty by switching that up some. I recommend it though.


Yoda: Well the Nemesis type system was Added to Warframe as a Halloween treat. Along with a ton of other cool new stuff and things. I've already pissed off a dude who of course took control over a planet I frequent... So I need to figure out how to kill that guy lolThere's also a new Warframe released with this update so I'll prolly try to get him this weekend as well.Did I ever mention how all of this is free? Because all of this is free

Scroo: Outer Worlds is still going strong, also Borderlands 3 and The Surge 2. Probably I'll sprinkle some work in as well cos no matter how much I just want to avoid paying bills, there are places that disagree with that logic.

Greywolfe: i am - i think - more than half way through kyrandia 3.  i've also basically done all the stat grinding that i can in quest for glory 4.  so, the first order of business [after this week] is going to be to check out all the stuff that was put in that game for the thief class, so i can tank my honor stat before building it back up.  and's questing time!  apart from that, i've been playing a little bit of rime and it's pretty cool.  i love the scenery.  some of the puzzles make me think i'm dumb, though :P - my streaming adventure - playing titan quest - begins again this week with the "immortal throne" content.  [in quotation marks because that doesn't really exist anymore.  it's all just part of the base game, now.] - and finally:  remember how i had been trying lego:  lord of the rings?  well, i eventually decided the collect-a-thon nature of it was scary [oooooo.  halloween :P] - so i've backed off and am playing star wars:  knights of the old republic 1.  and that's about it from me :)

AJ: Playing through Halo: Reach on Legendary difficulty.


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