[This is a placeholder. As you guys know, I'm moving to my buddies, doing the world saving thing. We do have internet down there, but I will probably be rather busy, so it would be great if one of you could just delete this and write a real WRUP. Everyone else make sure to add what you are playing over the weekend below. In exchange I will put in a good word with the devourer of evil once we have awoken him *winkyface* Take care everyone!]
  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube): the end of space quest 4!  evolving my creature a little more [in small steps and as i find parts] in spore!  totally ignoring gateway, because i was doing that all of november and december last year, so it seems like THE RIGHT CHOICE TO MAKE!  plus more leveling in world of warcraft, doing the hearthstone daily quests when they show up and also [hilariously] playing more magic:  the gathering:  duels [!] - mostly just so i can open a bunch of packs.
  • Thomas (Twitter):  They told me playing games is forbidden down there, something about interference with the spiritual barrier or some nonsene, but I'll probably manage to smuggle in a copy of Rick and Morty presents: Jerry's Game (since that hardly counts as a game anyway)
  • Dante: I'm currently playing Dust: An Elysian Tail and the the end game of Disgaea 5.
  • Scrooloose: Still playing XCom 2, finally making some headway. Next play through I'll have a better idea of what advancments and facilities to prioritize. Man what an awesome title this is, it makes Enemy Unknown seem pretty simple by comparison. Next will be Rise of the Tomb Raider.
  • Matthew (Twitter):
    XCom 2 has been stealing all my attention but trying to put a push on to finish Halo 5, Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak and Grimfandango for my #4iF though I don't have much faith in my being able to achieve it. The siren call of XCom 2 highlighted by The Division's beta tastiness has been very distracting.
  • Yoda0VGs (Twitter): Hoping to tackle Transformers and Undertale this weekend to finally be done with my 4if.
  • Andrew (12/12 Games): Will be making one final (likely futile) push to close out my #4iF. May also pick up Disgaea on Steam. We'll see.


  1. Tim Chesson says:

    Having finished up Four in February, I picked up Gat out of Hell on the X1. It definitely feels like a budget title in comparison to the main Saint’s Row entries, but I’ll be playing around with it. Also there might be some Battlefront here and there.

    On my PC I’ve finally decided to give Windows 10 a second chance. The promise of cross buy/cross save functionality with the upcoming Quantum Break has proven to be too much for me to resist. If that goes smoothly, then I expect I’ll be wrapping up a few more sidequests in Arkham Origins and just maybe starting Rise of the Tomb Raider as well.

    • Tim Chesson says:

      Update: The Windows 10 installation worked relatively smoothly this time. I haven’t tried to play anything yet, but so far so good.

        • Tim Chesson says:

          Update update: It worked for a while, I even streamed some Battlefront from my Xbox to my PC which was cool. Then I went into another room and after a while I heard my PC reboot. It became stuck in another endless reboot cycle, but after research and some very helpful advice online, I booted into safe mode and deleted my Intel graphics driver. So far it seems to have fixed my issue. Updating the driver wasn’t good enough, I had to remove it entirely.

          • Scrooloose
            Scrooloose says:

            Ahh yes, the perils of integrated graphics. Well I’m glad it’s working for you now. Cody recently did his upgrade and Microsoft decided his copy of windows wasn’t genuine and wanted to charge him $200… Nonsense of course since he purchased a fully built machine that came with Windows 7. Anyway I guess after some time on the help line it got straightened out, but man I’m still hearing a lot of stories that make me want to wait a little longer.

  2. ghosthunter117 says:

    Death never came. I waited patiently there in the wistful sway of my fading candle. My task was accomplished but the fatigue of countless hours navigating by candlelight had left my sight in a state of disrepair. I needed rest but I dare not sleep in my current state.

    I instead took to navigating the rooms nearest the fifth stone original resting place, I happened upon a elaborate series of initially unintelligible pictograms. Tracing their tale as best as possible in the dim glow of my candle, a potential reason for my transformation became apparent. There upon the wall was a depiction hideous blue beast with tremendous claws holding three emeralds in each under the glow of a full moon. Though my sense of time had been deadened by the depths of my decent, I could somehow intuit that the sun must be in the sky above the surface.

    I slept intentionally only once after beginning my journey below the upper most levels. It was in that time that I first experienced the symptoms. Headaches, an overwhelming discomfort, and a powerful taste of blood had become so frequent that their disappearance after collecting the seventh emerald caused me even greater distress. If the pictograms were to be believed than a human form surrounded by the emeralds under a blazing sun suggested that my freedom had long been obtained when I had collected the seventh emerald and dawn had come.

    With my spirit somewhat at ease, I began my ascent. I lackadaisically trod my way through the darkness but my environment had become all too familiar during my nights here. Oddly enough I had entertained the thought of simply staying inspite of my potential freedom. I was my desire to see my loyal dog that broke the notion completely and hastened my plodding as the rooms became emblazoned with a soft orange hue. I had emerged from the depths to meet an awe inspiring sunset, I partook in the entire show as I gorged upon the freshest air my lungs had tasted in days. The moon rose and I retained myself. Satisfied with my chances, I charged forth with the speed my tired legs could manage. For the time I would put aside the desire for adventure and enjoy the mundane world until the need for adventure call forth to me again.

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