Cody’s Four In February!!!

Well last year my Four in February turned into a #3iF, so this year I'm taking some measures to ensure I can finish all four of my picks...

The Yawg

Oh yeah. I'm going to be one cheating Mother F*$^@% this year. Two of these game's you may recognize from our GameClub.

Aragami we played, but didn't finish. I'm halfway through it and the game is super easy so that's a quick check on my list. And Abzu we have not played at all, yet. Scroo has already nominated it for the next round of game's we will be playing and it just so happens that lines up with the Month of February :P

The Yawg is a game I've been interested in checking out for a long time and our fearless leader Tom gifted it to me through steam not very long ago.

And yeah... Undertale is my leftover dish from last year. But I am kind of glad. all the hype from the game and how friggin' amazing it is has gone away. Leaving me to just enjoy the game in peace.

Hopefully with those other two games basically in the hole I'll be able to make this year's #4iF without a hitch!

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