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Alright so we're content short again. That's life when everyone's busy I guess. AC Odyssey is out and you can't see it but, I'm shrugging my shoulders and I could not be more apathetic towards that fact. PC port is pretty awful from what I'm hearing. Again, no surprise. Ubi doesn't care whether you like what they sell, or that it works properly. Just that you buy it and then pay them more money for microtransactions so you can skip the game play part of playing the game. Great model... I'm gonna rant about it. Yeah...

Ubi even had the gall to attack microtransactions in an easter egg find during a Minotaur quest. The way it goes is: Talk to an NPC near the quest area and he'll give you a sub quest to find his sons. You'll then have the option to purchase his token (I'm assuming that's a completion award). During a cut scene the NPC will chide you for wanting to "...pay to win..." and ask "...Aren’t you a warrior? Where’s your honour? Where’s your sense of pride and accomplishment?".

Pretty ballsy from a publisher who drowns players in marketed recolors and skins and weapons and ad campaigns and various levels of cosmetic bullshit and tiered game editions costing upwards of $200 etc. Some folks even allege that the attack is directed at EA and Star Wars Battlefront 2. I can't say for myself as I've never played any of these titles. Well, that's not specifically true. I did purchase AC Brotherhood back in the day on a sale. I was so bored with it I uninstalled before the first mission was over. I do own a copy of AC Black Flag that I got for free. I may install it to be a pirate for a while some day. That is if I can get UPlay to work ever again. The hits just keep coming, Ubi. Needless to say, I'm in no hurry to try.

I do want to point out that this is a Publisher issue. Not a developer issue. The world designers, modelers and animators didn't decide that you should have to pay extra money to play a game you just purchased in the manner it was meant to be played. That comes from the upstairs crews that are making charts and game plans that are designed to reach right into people's pockets and pull out everything including the dryer lint.

Okay rant over. I guess I'm not too apathetic about it after all.

Why Really, Ubisoft? Please

AJ: More Halloween-esque games in honor of the greatest month of the year. I’m currently working on Resident Evil Zero. I’d played it once before, long ago, and got stuck. We’ll see if I can manage to get any further this time. I may play some Batman: Arkham Knight as well, if the mood strikes.

Yoda: Oh man. Weekends? What the duck are those? I forgot they exist. Well since there's going to be one I'll be checking out some more Total War: Warhammer that I picked up on a sale, try and show those dirty elves what a real army looks like.On top of that I'm hoping to check out DEX, which seems pretty cool. As well as the usual editing and board gaming that comes with free time.

Greywolfe: since yono wrapped up, i decided to try out shadowhand. i'm finding that it's an interesting premise wrapped around an iffy plot that plays pretty much like you'd expect solitaire to. [just with rpg mechanics.] - it's ok? apart from that, more book of unwritten tales. i'm very nearly done with that, as far as i remember. so i'm going to have to think of something to replace that with. i'm /kind of/ thinking i'd like to try infocom's wishbringer. we'll see.

Scroo: I'm gonna be splitting wood this weekend to get ready for cold weather. I haven't been playing much of anything this last week and I'm not too sure that's going to change… Maybe some Vermintide 2, if times line up to play with friends. I did get my RAM for the new PC build, so that's cool. Hopefully by the middle of the month I can pull the trigger on the CPU. After that I just need to grab an M.2 SSD cos I want one for a boot drive, and a new Windows key because I'm using an OEM one now and that won't migrate to a new system. But at that point I can finally put the thing together and start saving for a new GPU and Monitor.

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