WRUP *Excuse Me

Word to all your respective guardian and parental figures! Today is WRUP day and not much happened this week that wasn't just news you read somewhere else. More political BS mostly. There was also a Banksy painting that shredded itself right after someone bought it for a life changing amount of money. I guess the moral there is: Don't buy effing street art for $1.3 million, you idiot.

Sorry, I'm cranky this morning.

Are we playing games or what?

Greywolfe: so: yono's done. and as of saturday, it'll be all up as a lp. that was a blast and i'm so glad i did it. i started up skylar and plux, but that was pretty short and i knocked it out during the week, so now i'm into shadowhand. short version: shadowhand is DEFINITELY not for everyone. it's solitaire, but dressed up in victorian garb. if you like any of those things, you /might/ like shadowhand, but…if you don't, you won't like it at all. i've picked up book of unwritten tales again and am working my way through that, but i'm also slowly getting to the point in quest for glory 4 where i can go out into the wilderness.

AJ: Happy October! My favorite month of the year is finally here again! That means it’s time to bust out the spooky stuff. Don’t know what specifically I’ll be playing yet but I’m thinking it may have something to do with undead Residents, preferably of an Evil-ish persuasion.

Scroo: I don't really know what's happening this weekend. I'm hoping I'll get to check out some of the seasonal event for Monster Hunter World and maybe some Vermintide 2 with friends in the evenings. Aside from that I'm hoping to finally be able to make the next purchase for my new PC build. It's coming along slowly, but I have to be responsible with spending. Which is hard to do because the sales have been popping up all over.

Yoda: In Space no one can hear you scream. Three Monitors, plus a 4480x1080p resolution makes Elite Dangerous fucking Terrifying. Especially since I'm still a good 20 hours of playtime away from being able to repair anything as I explorer filuether and further into deep space…

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