WRUP Again

So I've been playing MOTHERGUNSHIP, a first person bullet hell shooter. It's been fun. Not exceptionally deep though. No skill trees to speak of, not that many map types -room types is a more accurate description. But there are loads of guns to use against your robot enemies. And they're modular and collectible, so as you go along you can just keep stacking them up and making crazier and crazier armaments. It runs great, looks pretty darned good and is inexpensive. I recommend checking it out if you're into some fast paced, rogue lite, action.

An example of a pretty insane gun combo

What Is Everyone Else Up To?

Dr. S: Trying to cover some bs gaming event, getting stood up by my cameraman. Now hauling around equipment for two. Life is good when you're a freelance journalist

AJ: Halloween month continues… This week I’m finally playing through Batman: Arkham Knight. The batmobile sections aren’t as bad as I’d heard but they could be better. Still, it does feel satisfying that you finally get to use it. I may play some more Resident Evil Zero as well.

Greywolfe: i'm winding down some games this weekend. going to have to think about what to put in their stead. first up is book of unwritten tales, which has been a blast to revisit - so long as we don't do something the engine was never designed to do [like ddr. yes, seriously. ddr.] - then, i'm busy piling through the last little bit of shadowhand. it's been…an experience. along with that, there's some quest for glory 4, too. i'm not sure what i'm going to replace those games with. i've been thinking of playing infocom's wishbringer and and maybe also ghost of a tale, but we'll see.

Scroo: Probably some work for me this weekend. Hopefully I'll be picking up the rest of the parts I need for my PC build, which I'm really excited for. And I'll probably get some game time in the evenings. Maybe MOTHERGUNSHIP, probably some Vermintide 2.