Social Distance WRUP #9

I'm late to the WRUP.

Yesterday things got busy for me pretty fast and I ended up not making a WRUP. Not only that but I never told anyone I was busy so they didn't make a WRUP either.

Unacceptable. I'll be cutting off a pinky directly after this. But not really cos I need that grip strength. Did you guys know that your pinky finger comprises something like 40% of your grip strength? Crazy.

Okay, so...

As always we here hope everyone is still being smart and staying safe out there in these weird ass times. Things are pretty much the same as last weekend around here. We still have folks recovering from COVID and so far have no new cases. The state has been given approval to start phase 2.5 of reopening and our county has one of the first opportunities to do that. Hopefully we'll be smart about it and not just lose our minds with reacquired freedom and just start this whole thing over again.

Let's look at some news-ish stuff.

There was an Unreal Engine 5 tech demo recently that looks pretty impressive. Though before folks get all excited, remember, it's a tech demo. Tech demos aren't indicative of actual final product performance. Could it be? Maybe. Is it likely to be? I doubt it. IGN has a look at it here if you haven't seen it yet.

Ghost of Tsushima, looks like it's going to be pretty awesome. You'll play as a cool dichotomous character who can go about things as an honorable samurai, or the ghost, who's essentially a ninja. Lots of customization can be had just by playing the game. Armor sets can be colored and will provide benefits beyond aesthetics. It looks to me, a lot like Sekiro but not as Souls-like in it's design. There's even a silly black and white film mode meant to invoke the feeling of an old-school samurai movie. Of course it'll be a console exclusive so if I want to play it I'll either have to wait like three years for it to come to PC or I'll break and get it for my PS4. It's not a next gen game, so it should work fine. Here's a link to a video if you've not seen it yet.

What's the rest of the weekend hold?

Tru: Warframe. Try to play more Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Wife got the Lego Harry Potter collection cause she has been on a Lego and Harry Potter kick as of late so probably some of that. Also, so much more Animal Crossing.

Yoda: Geez. So much drumming for one. Need to Finish Evil Within 2, better story than the first but not nearly as unique or insane so far. Also FINALLY started Getting into Throne Breaker which is a blast and might need a Past Due Review treatment if I find the time. Also may Pick up the Division 2 since I hear nothing but good things and it's cheaper than dirt atm

Scroo: Probably mostly SnowRunner still since I'm just getting started in Russia. I'm already looking forward to DLC content. Spectacular game.

AJ: Tomb Raider and Streets of Rage 4. Maybe also some Forza 5 and/or Uncharted.

Greywolfe: i dunno man. i'm not sure if i want to do more runs of book of demons. the first two thirds of that game had me very impressed and then the last third just let me down. it turned into diablo 1 with all diablo 1's dumb faults. which is too bad, because their ideas were really good. i guess i'll at least TRY the other two classes. [rogue and mage] - as for kyrandia 3, that's finished, i'm just doodling around doing alternate "timelines" in that game, now. i think i'm going to pick up rime again, since i let that go for a long time. and that's probably me, this weekend.

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