Social Distance WRUP #8

An actual leak happened. Cyberpunk 2077 is going full anatomy and beyond. Turn off game mode in Windows 10... again.

Hey everyone, Scroo, here again with some weekend stuff. Hopefully everyone is still staying as safe as possible out there while things seem to be slowly reopening. Here, it's more of the same. We have several cases of COVID now but also a fair amount of recoveries, which is simultaneously bad and good news. Just, FFS guys be careful out there. I maintain that we need to do this correctly one time and not rush back so that we end up in the same situation again. It's been tough, I get it. Virtually everyone is affected by all this. I reiterate, be safe and smart about things in general.

Some news:

You've probably seen the leaks about The Last of Us 2 going around. This is an actual leak that spoils about an hour of footage and includes the game ending. This is not some hype and marketing ploy like a tweet that leads a temporary post on a developer website follwed by, 'OOoooPPps We LeaKed thE Gamee'. Nobody seems 100% sure of how this happened yet but if you're a fan of The Last of Us I would recommend avoiding seeking out this footage.

CPDRed is going to allow you to adjust... everything, in Cyberpunk 2077 when you create your character. You'll be able to pick and create your gender and you'll be allowed to adjust various anatomical features including the breast and genitalia size and combination of any and all. I actually think that's pretty awesome. To quote James May - "Some may find this distasteful, but it is only a penis and statistically speaking, everyone has half of one." Here's an article from Collider, with more info on the subject.

Windows 10 Game Mode may be messing up your gaming performance. This has been an issue for a long time and I've personally had my game mode turned off for since I learned about it a year or so back. However, this last Windows update seems to have re-enabled game mode on some PC's, including mine. It has an effect on virtually everyone but for those of us who use AMD GPU's it could be the big reason we're seeing instability, black screens, crashes, choppy frame rates etc. I actually think this is why some SnowRunner footage I've recorded is a little choppy, because the game bar was still recording in the background at the same time. So guys, if you're having issues suddenly -turn that shit off.

Here's how:

Click your Windows icon at the start menu and go to settings. Click the Gaming Tab. Once open, go to game bar, turn it off. Go to captures, turn it off. Go to game mode, turn it off. You're done.

Of course if you're seeing worse performance it's easy to turn back on, but I would venture a guess that it'll help resolve some issues. It will certainly free up system resources. For me it was just a frame rate thing, especially while recording, but your mileage may vary. I saw info about this on PC Gamer. Here's the link if you'd like to see for yourself.

Okay, WRUP time.

Yoda: Pretty Close to beating the Evil Within I think. That game can go Fuck itself with how many pairs of underwear I've had to throw out playing it. It's great, and terrible. Can't wait to start the sequel.

Greywolfe: streaming "my time at portia." got one big story quest done in that game and am working on another. it's a very gentle animal-crossing-like that doesn't have the endless customizability of that game, but which is fairly charming in it's own right. apart from that? i've given up on ac: origins and secret of mana for a little and am playing book of demons in their stead. that's VERY GOOD as a diablo-like until it's not. which is about two thirds of the way in. it just drinks it's own kool-aid, believes it's diablo 1 re-incarnated and then commits ALL those dumb diablo 1 sins again. but until then, it's a good template for how to do arpg's right. also: i know it's been months, but i'm right on the cusp of finishing kyrandia 3! hooray!

AJ: Super Smash Bros: Ultimate and maybe some Tomb Raider and/or Streets of Rage 4.

Scroo: So I just live in SnowRunner now. In the evenings I've been playing Vermintide 2 with friends. But yeah, SnowRunner.


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