Social Distance WRUP #10

Well, here we are again. Another weekend spent six feet from everyone else. Hopefully it more or less stays that way anyway...

Memorial day is coming right up on Monday and that means this is a long weekend. It's also late spring time and the heat is climbing, which means that folks will flocking to the lakes this weekend. That's all fine and good. The local lakes around here are open for business but, you still have to be careful. No large gatherings, no picnicking on shore. Boating only, is the rule as I understand it. Which makes it hard to socially distance in a group as boats aren't exactly expansive spaces. But hopefully those groups are all careful and not intermingling with other groups. People can still get out on the water and enjoy the sunshine and have a good time. Do yourself a favor if you plan on some water sporting and don't speed or drink while you're boating. Aside from common sense safety, law enforcement will be very strict and if you think normal highway tickets and infractions are expensive, holy cow man a $400 dollar speeding ticket on a lake because you caused a wake in a no wake zone will wake your ass up. Anyway, be safe out there guys and have fun.

Local COVID news around here is both good and bad. We had in total, fifteen cases. The good news is that fourteen of those infected are fully recovered. The bad news is that one person did not survive. I don't know a ton about this person except that it was an elderly individual who actually lived in a nursing home outside of the county here. They had a residence in this county and was therefor counted among those here who had the virus. My pragmatism in wording there isn't meant to brush off the tragedy of somebody losing their life. There's a local family who is now one less thanks to this pandemic. They join the ranks of the tens of thousands of others who lost their lives and loved ones and are otherwise personally affected. I believe around here part of the memorial day services and celebrations will take a moment to honor those who are working to help keep people safe and those who have been lost as well.

Okay less somber, more WRUP.

As quickly as Doom Eternal received the oft despised Denuvo Anti-cheat update, it will be removed as well. Thankfully, Bethesda has actually listened to their player base for once and is walking that update back in search of a different solution. They had stated that Denuvo would be removed within the week and by the time this WRUP goes up, that could have already happened. Check it out here for yourself if you'd like more detail.

September could indeed be the month we start seeing some new GPU drops that actually matter. Nvidia and AMD have both been *eye roll* leaking, info on Ampere and Big Navi for some time now. Tom's Hardware has some speculation on the issue and I for one am a little hyped. I've been very happy with my Vega 64 despite the rancor for the product, but I think it's nearing time for a new GPU and I may have eye on that new RDNA2 stuff once it's out there...

Microsoft is trying to get involved with security for Linux. Which seems a little strange since the two have not been exactly cordial with each other in the past. Security is the only non-open source bit of Linux development. Rightly so. Some folks may be upset about the possibility of Microsoft joining the security team and in fact involving themselves in Linux development at all. Fears of just swallowing Linux whole, for instance. But, security is a big deal and Microsoft have some of the best security devs out there. There's a bit more on it here.

You guys gaming this weekend or boating?

Greywolfe: i'm doing a thing that i've basically never done with an arpg: i'm playing book of demons with a second character class. just to see what it's like. so far, the mage feels incredibly squishy and not really always good at dishing out damage. on the plus side: he has a GREAT time slow down spell that helps you get out of crowded areas. not that i think that'll help for the endgame [because the endgame gets very stupid very quickly], but it's there and i like it. apart from that? i'm streaming some my time at portia. slowly winding my way through it's build quests. it's kind of relaxing. i'm planning on picking up rime again to finish it off. that's about it from me, though.

Yoda: Still in a pretty hardcore music production mode mood. Haven't even touched Control yet. Still need to finish Evil Within 2 as well though.

Scrooloose: I finished the missions in SnowRunner but I definitely am not done playing. I'm going back and selling all my trailers and checking out vehicles I never accessed during my play through. I'm planning another side by side comparison video as well. So more SnowRunner, is what I'm trying to say.

AJ: Lots of Forza, probably 5 and 6. That is all.

Tru: Warframe. Always Warframe. More Animal Crossing, Also finally got my copy of Persona 5 Royal, what is an extended edition of Persona 5. I can't wait to go back to that world. Maybe more Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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