Quantum WRUP

Another week already? Damn, time flies when you are in an underwater bunker. Sorry, didn’t really prepare anything. So, what’s everyone playing over the weekend?

  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube): i'm actually playing gateway again.  whoo!  plus some spore.  i'm now in the tribal phase and realizing i have to actually read the manual because wile i remembered that it was a bad strategy game clone, i'd kind of forgotten how to play it.  next week, i'll be picking up my big wow project again.  hopefully i'll get my little panda mage to 45 or so.  i'm also actually getting into king's quest 6 properly, at long last.  naturally there will be some magic:  duels quests and hearthstone dailies along the way.
  • Scrooloose: Still all over Marvel Heroes, looking for the next few splinters so I can uncap a 3rd character. For me at least Orcs Must Die Unchained was mostly disappointing. Although I'd be down to play some more of its MOBA mode with Yoda and Phirary13. And Dark Souls 3 is getting so close I can feel it's bony undead fingers on my spine searching for warmth, so I'm pretty excited to get into that early next week.
  • Yoda0VGs (Twitter): Study hopping into some more Orcs Must Die Unchained whatever it's called and then maybe Ark: Survival of the Fittest, which is being dubbed as a MoSA or multiplayer online survival arena. Never played Ark Survival Evolved so that should be interesting. Other than that maybe some more Dota or Dirty Bomb in between rewatching the Rouge One trailer over and over again.
  • Matthew: After a week of fighting with support to get my PC running properly after upgrading to make it VR ready (not related to the upgrade just random unrelated crappy thing with the MS Groove App) I'm going to finally try and push through to the Division's end game. Maybe also try and get another chapter of Quantum Break in.
  • John: I got an Xbox One and Sunset Overdrive so I'll finish Kirby Mass Attack...
  • Thomas (Twitter): Still waiting for my Quantum Break PC key Microsoft… Once I’ve gone through it again, I’ll probably do a quick review on it.
  • Andrew (12/12 Games): Skyrim and Super Mario Maker


Hey, it’s me again. Traveled back from the future to warn you! Don’t drink any Coke in 2019, it will turn you into some weird monstrosity untethered from time itself.

Hey, it’s me again again. Traveled back into the future and you guys didn’t listen. This one’s on you! I’m going to stay here now, if you don’t mind. My original self is still in that bunker for quite some time and this way I can finally catch up on some of the games that came out before the Coke-Incident (Gaming is really shitty afterwards. Turns out a lot of devs are overcaffeinated)