October WRUP

Hello Twinstiqers. Or is it Twinstiquers? Anyway, it's Fall now (my favorite season), specifically October (my favorite month), and I'm doing my best not to let Covid ruin it for me. Luckily, protective face masks and social distancing aren't required for eating candy, decorating my home, watching Ghostbusters, and/or playing Castlevania games. I strongly recommend doing one's best to get into the spirit of the season. Apart from making you feel like a kid again and just being plain fun, it can also be a great way to de-stress and take your mind off of all the election and pandemic chaos going on right now.
Anywho, what's everyone playing this weekend?

AJ: Nintendo must know how much I love Halloween because they've managed to suck me right back into Animal Crossing: New Horizons with their festive October update. If I can somehow manage to escape this game's event horizon for any reasonable length of time, I may turn my attention to Batman: Arkham Knight or perhaps the new GOG port of Silent Hill 4: The Room.
Greywolfe: well, i finished rayman origins. it only took a month and a half :P - so now i'm sort of doodling between strange brigade [which has great aesthetics and miserable design] and forager, which is a great make-you-own-fun sort of crafting game.
Scroo: Deep Rock Galactic with friends. SnowRunner's newest map, Imandra, has been a great challenge. Aaaannd that might be all, I've been working a lot.
Tru: I've been very busy with work. But I plan to play more Animal Crossing now that the Halloween update is out. Perhaps more Borderlands 3 with my friend (and even stream). If not I might try to finish Watchdogs 2.
Yoda: Started Nier Automata on Game pass. Holy shit that game is great. Definitely need to buy it on PC eventually as well. Also finally booted up Civ 6 after getting it free on EGS. Me and some friends have been having a good time dicking around in that.

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