Another Weekend WRUP

Hey check it out. It's another WRUP.

Not much to report around here. Just typical busy life for me lately. Friends got married last weekend, that was fun times. Other than that, for me, it's just been working and trying to keep up with every day life. I imagine it'll be that way a while yet before things slow for the end of the year.

I did see this pretty cool looking Gundam edition 3090 from ASUS

The article is on WCCF Tech and it shows the brilliant white card along with the matching motherboard. Pretty pricey though.

Sorry, it's a short one today guys. I'm a busy guy with many important things to do.

What's the plan?

Greywolfe: yay! daily quests in magic and other card games. but also setting up to stream again. i think we'll be starting next week on thursday, but i haven't quite worked the timing out, exactly. [i can't right now, because i have people staying over and i don't really want to keep them awake at night while i yammer at my monitor :P]

Scrooloose: No idea what's going on this weekend. Your guess is as good as mine.

AJ: More Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Batman: Arkham Knight. There was a new character added to Super Smash Bros Ultimate this week, so probably a fair amount of that as well.


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