Don’t Feed the WRUPsters

Another week down. This one was a lot slower, for me at least. The weather has turned downright cold and wet here. I can't help but feel like it's going to snow any moment, in fact, it's supposed to at my elevation during this incoming storm. Hopefully I've got some comfort food laying around in here somewhere...


AJ: Mass Effect 2 and Read Dead II. Also possibly some Star Wars Arcade on 32X.

Yoda: Red Deads story is kind of starting to bore me with how repetitive its missions are. So if the end doesn't start to show its head soon it may end up being the first R* game I don't finish.Plus all I can think about 24/7 is drumming. Drumming and the need to be lost in space in Elite.Maybe I'll see if I can control my space ship with a drum set.That would be more interesting than Dutch having a plan that can't fail, Arthur complaining but does it anyway. Plan obviously fails, shoot 100+ of the same enemies. Dutch tells Arthur to shut up and trust him next time it will work. Rinse. Repeat.

Scroo: HellDivers for me along with Strange Brigade and Dead Cells. I'm gonna keep it going with Shadow of the Tomb Raider as well, as things have gotten pretty interesting after leaving Paititi. I would love to pick up Darksiders 3, Just Cause 4 and Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, but with all the money going out this month I'll probably have to just pick one.

Greywolfe: and we're here! it's sierra december time. so. lots of sierra games. the first one up is an old, old educational title that i just want to play to show off how bad those could be, back then. again. no spoilers for the name because we're not actually IN december, but that's what i'm starting off with. and as of this writing, 1,800 more words for nanowrimo [which i'm going to have to write on this friday or bust.] if you've been doing nano, good luck with the 30th. if this goes up after nano, i hope yours went well :)