After Thanksgiving WRUP

Well here in the states another turkey day has passed and we're all still full to excess from eating and drinking the typical foods and beverages that come with it. I'm going to have a few more days of leftovers and that's alright because after spending all day cooking and cleaning I'm happy to just nuke some plates of turkey and ham and dressing to keep me strong. I'm a growing boy after all. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and the family arguments didn't supersede the fun.

In other news, the Camp Fire in Northern CA is officially out! Thanks to all the fire crews who've worked endlessly for the past couple of weeks and a good soak that we've been desperate to receive the smoke is washed out of the air and the fire has been laid down. I imagine the mess in Paradise is unbearable, but at least the nightmare of the fire itself is over. Now comes the clean up and hopefully search for all the missing will resume with as little interruption as possible. Stay Strong up there.

So what's everyone playing this weekend?

Tru: I will be playing some more Red Dead Redemption 2 (as I am already in the epilogue) Some Super Mario Party on the Switch as well as Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu. Perhaps I'll get back to Spider-Man on PS4 as well now that I have two DLC's to play through.

Yoda: If I find Some spare time, ill be trying to get through more RDR2

Dr. S: Mario Kart 8 with my son. Also revisiting some GameCube classics like Double Dash, Animal Crossing, and Donkey Konga. Also Red Dead II.

Scroo: So my birthday resulted in a few new titles in the library. Dead Cells is a really fun and unforgiving 2D platformer, semi souls-like that I was gifted. Loving that. I also picked up Strange Brigade for some more co-op monster bashing, but instead of Vermintide's, Skaven enemies this is set in the 1930's and teams solve puzzles and battle classic movie monsters. I've yet to play any of that but I'm excited to start it up. And finally I was gifted a copy of Helldivers -another team based co-op title but this time in isometric fashion. Think of Warhammer: Kill Team, style group play meets Inquisitor Martyr and Starship Troopers. It's been loads of fun as well. I'm also still into playing GRIP and MudRunner, and I'm working my way through Shadow of the Tomb Raider quite happily.

AJ: Mario Kart 8 with my son. Also revisiting some GameCube classics like Double Dash, Animal Crossing, and Donkey Konga. Also Red Dead II.

Greywolfe: stop! wrupping time! that's like hammer time, but for games. anyway. i'm setting up shop for sierra december, which means looking into sierra games i can play for december over on my youtube channel. i'm trying - this year - to play them blind before i actually run them, so that i know what i'm doing. not going to spoil which games, of course, that'd be bad and wrong. [it'd be badong!] but i've made it 2/3 of the way through the first with no walkthrough and am real happy with that. three more games like it to go, though ;) - other than that, just nanowrimo, which is all-consuming. :)


  1. Tim Chesson says:

    I’m spending my long weekend play two reviled games, Fallout 76 and Battlefield V. Honestly, I really like them both so I’m just ignoring all the hate I see online. Ironically enough, I saw fewer glitches in FO76 than my first time playing BF V.

    Also, I started the 2nd DLC for Spider-man. Haven’t gotten very far, but the first Hammerhead base I tried to clear has proven to be much much tougher than the main game or first DLC.

    • Scrooloose
      Scrooloose says:

      I think my biggest issue with Fallout 76 is that frame rate is still tied to the physics engine. And no VATS cos it’s online only. Battlefield is probably great. I always think the campaigns look good. Just the MP that makes me angry. That and there’s a new one next year so it’s time to start over. Brand saturation has to come into play at some point. Then there’s the typical AAA nonsense of calling it a failure because it only made $500mil on release… blegh.

      Spider Man however is something I’m considering getting myself on the ol’ PS4. I’ve heard almost nothing but good things.

      • Tim Chesson says:

        Supposedly the first big update to FO76 on PC removed the 63 FPS framerate lock and increased FPS no longer affects the physics of your character. There’s a big post onthe subreddit about this, but I cannot verify. I tried to unlock my framerate but my 3570k/GTX 1070 combo doesn’t like to run this game at a higher FPS. I keep V sync on yet still dip into the 40s sometimes. Even so I’ve really been enjoying the game. The map is huge and I’m finding it a lot of fun to explore all the nooks and crannies.

        Battlefield is actually on a 2 year release cycle, but that still doesn’t seem long enough to me. I could’ve gone another year playing BF1, but I have been having a blast in BF V as I get more used to the gameplay changes.

        Spider-man is great. The only criticisms I can level at it would be wishing for a little more sense of speed with the web swinging and the damn Screwball challenges. But at least you only have to achieve the middle tier on the challenges to get the platinum trophy.

        • Scrooloose
          Scrooloose says:

          Ahh right, Balltefield is on a 2 year cycle. I’m thinking COD I guess.
          I also hadn’t heard of the frame rate fix in Fallout 76. Hopefully that helps things some. I’m sorry to see it doesn’t run all that well though. Hopefully Bethesda will actually keep up on patches and optimisaton improvements over time.

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