The Reason They WRUP Me

It's a busy weekend for all it would seem. But at least we have games, games, more games. And Daughters.

Well anyway, What even are Games?

AJ: As much as I’d like it to be Smash, that’ll have to wait for a bit. So let’s just go with Mass Effect 2 and Red Dead II.

Scroo: Working a lot this weekend but I'm hoping to continue in Mutant Year Zero. That game has been ridiculously difficult for no good reason but it keeps drawing me in, and I keep progressing so I guess it's doing something right. More HellDivers with friends and who knows what else. Gonna be busy though so probably not tons of anything.

Greywolfe: one sierra game [ecoquest 1] is down. three more to go for sierra december. i'm starting up heart of china, next. not really looking forward to it. it's scenario was never my thing, really, but i'm hoping to knock it out quickly so i can move onto the next thing. which will hopefully be better.

Yoda: Yeah looking like a busy weekend and I I'll be spending the little I have gaming in the closed Alpha for Anthem which I won't be allowed to share :(On top of that Ashen, Mutant Year Zero, and Strange Brigade all just came on game pass. And I want to play them all. Plus hopefully helldivers . Now that I have o many game options someone just needs to invent a way to give me more time :P

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