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New Steam Store Releases: Fallout 4

Unsurprisingly, Fallout 4 was the highlight of the week (by a long shot). If you haven't checked it out yet, I would strongly encourage you to do so. Bethesda has added several interesting new updates to the already fantastic Fallout formula. Basically, it's Fallout 3, only more fun, and with much better graphics (and in a new setting, of course). If that doesn't sound like something you need then I pity you.

Also out this week, an interesting-looking four-player co-op shoot 'em up game, and a marble-matching puzzle game (like Zuma or Luxor) with a Puzzle Quest feel. Sadly, it's doubtful that anybody will pay any of this week's other games much attention. But that's pretty much come to be expected whenever a new Bethesda game hits. Oh well, back to the wasteland. Prepare for the future!...Then proceed further to see more of this week's new releases.

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