First Fallout 4 Patch incoming

In case you are wondering why there is so little happening on Twinstiq right now... what are you doing? There are tons of great games available. Go play them! Unless you're at work, in which case: ever heard of sick leave? You clearly aren't working if you are reading this anyway, so everyone profits.

But let's get back on topic: everyone and their cat is currently playing games, because that's what we do. I personally am deep in Fallout 4 at the moment and for those of you who are too, I have some good news.
Bethesda announced an approximate release date for their first patch.

PC users will be able to get a beta-patch around next week, with a full release some time afterwards. Console users will have to wait a little longer still, thanks to all the certification mumbo jumbo, but who plays Fallout on a console anyway?

I mean, can you do that on a console?