Greywolfe’s #4if

I got into #4if pretty late. The first year I tried it, [2012] my computer blew up and I had to postpone it to March of that year to get it done. The second year, I got three out of four games done - I ended up trying to plow through a game that just took too long. In 2014, I think I sat it out completely. Last year was...well, it was depressing. Joystiq went away and I wasn't sure if I was going to try and attempt it, but in the end I did - I didn't finish [silly Hand of Fate got in the way] but I gave it a whirl.

This year, I have four games all lined up and ready and I'm going to try my very best to finish them off.

What am I playing?


I had a GREAT time playing Banjo Kazooie and loved it to pieces. It even made my "Best of 2015" list for last year. Now that I've finished off the original, I'm at least a little bit curious about the sequel. I hear mixed things. It goes a little overboard on the collecting - it's got a much "larger" world - you get to keep all your powers from the last game. It seems fun and - really - I liked the colourful universe of the first game [Gruntilda notwithstanding] so, I'd I'm hoping I'll like this as much.

Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows

I adored the original Shovel Knight a great deal - a game I thought I wasn't even going to really like, given the way I feel about platformers in general, but this particular experience won me over with it's simplicity, it's visceral platforming and it's neat fake-NES aesthetic. Put all that together in a package that allows for modern players to feel at home, and, well...you have something special. Hopefully, the new expansion is as fantastic as the base game.


Here's a game that I watched while the awesome Lucahjin played it through. It was just hilarious enough that I want to attempt it for myself - after not having watched it for a year or so now - just to see if I still think it's as bizarre and funny somewhere down the line.


Simon the Sorceror

I last played this in 2005 on a weekend when I had no internet [and thus, no access to a walkthrough.] - I got a little stumped at a seemingly endless forest and gave up on it, but my God - it was much, much funnier now that it was ten years along and I'd grown a bit older and able to parse some of the humour. Here's to hoping that it's as funny as I remember.

Simon the Sorcerer's box.
Simon the Sorcerer's box.

So that's my #4if. What are you folks playing if you're participating?


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