New Nintendo eShop Releases: Paper Mario

It's a bit of a sparse one again this week. But it doesn't matter because Paper Mario! Yes, that's right. Paper Mario, the original turn-based Mario RPG with a papery twist is now available on the Wii U Nintendo 64 Virtual Console! Oh, happy day!

In case you were wondering, the other releases this week consist of a new shmup for the 3DS and yet ANOTHER horse owning sim. Seriously. There are a ton of them now. Just do a search for "horse" on the Nintendo games pages and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Anywho, go make some paper horses, wait for your turn, and then jump past the break to see the complete list of new releases.

Wii U

  • Paper Mario (Nintendo 64 Virtual Console) (Nintendo, 1 player, $9.99)


[Image: Nintendo]

Andrew J Amideo
[Source: Business Wire]