Sony Spending More on PlayStation

After shedding itself of the Vaio computer line, and eyeing an exit from the phone and television market, Sony must focus on their bread and butter to increase profits. Perhaps this is why at an annual shareholder meeting, they announced intentions to grow their investment in the PlayStation line of products and services.
Sony will turn their efforts on growing the installed base of the PS4 console, in order to make up for an expected decrease in PS3 sales. Expecting to expand the amount of users on PlayStation Plus, they will attempt to increase the amount of original content on the platform and draw gamers to the benefits of the add-on service. Entertainment media exclusive to their streaming video service PS Vue will become a higher priority.

On the hardware side, the virtual reality headset Project Morpheus will receive additional funding for research and development, further developing the product and providing support to developers. Sony also expects to increase original software available for the platform, helping them cement their position as a leader in the current generation of consoles.

Chief Financial Officer Kenichiro Yoshida forecasts a double digit expansion to the previous year's 89 billion yen investment in R&D for the fiscal year of 2015, adding that "there are some projects to be announced from now on."