Word to your mothers, as the kids say, and welcome back to the WRUP channel on the internet place.

Control seems pretty cool. I've yet to play it but what I've seen actually looks good. And finally there may be an good use case for ray tracing. I still don't care about it myself but I can't deny how good it looks in this particular title. I finally finished Rebel Galaxy Outlaw and I'm still flying around shooting pirates down for now. I plan to continue that a while. Epic has two very good games for free this week: Inside and Celeste. Inside is a traumatizing and nightmare fueled little story that's definitely worth playing and Celeste is about as hard a 2D pixel art game you can find anywhere if you feel like beating your head against a wall while simultaneously cutting onions and pulling out your nose hairs. They're free up through September 5th so make sure you grab them.

Today is also my Mom's birthday. Happy birthday Mom! I got you a WRUP.

What's Everyone Playing?

AJ: This weekend, I will be enjoying some more 16-bit classics on my two Analogue systems. QuackShot on the Mega Sg, and Turtles in Time on my Super Nt.

Yoda: I can only image Yoda is enjoying more Warframe even now and that's why he didn't say he would just be playing more Warframe, thus the reason I'm filling in his WRUP for the weekend.

Scrooloose: Even more Rebel Galaxy for me but also since Celeste and Inside are free on Epic, I'll be checking them out as well.

Greywolfe: streaming!  i'm at the very end of titan quest's first act, so i've made some progress there.  non-streaming!  i've decided to finish off the kyrandia series, by westwood.  i'm now playing malcolm's revenge.  which i am very nervous of playing.  this has a lot to do with it's design, which i'm not sure i'm going to be a fan of.  apart from that, i'm winding down inside [for youtube] and plodding away at etherlords 2.

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