Games Are WRUP

Well this week is more interesting than last. Gears 5 is out on Monday and I have to say I think it looks pretty good. It's the first Gears since the... first Gears, that I've been interested in and I'll probably pick it up. Supposedly it plays somewhat similarly to a non-linear over world title that has a slight similarity to something like Zelda or Darksiders, where the player will use the world map to travel to "dungeons" and play through those. I may have that analogy a little mixed up but it sounds like a bit of a change. And It's bound to be a pretty good sized title since the download is 80GB and the system requirements still recommend a Ryzen 3 and an RX580 to run well. So I don't imagine the level of detail has been vastly improved from previous titles. Either that or it's being given with uncompressed audio or something like that. And the videos I've seen of game play seem to look pretty cool.

Speaking of pretty cool things -A family friend is in the Borderlands 3 "fashion" ad for TV. The facts are these: The guy in question is a professional rodeo rider and was approached at an event he was doing to be filmed for the ad since he could ride a horse and not fall off. He was disappointed because it happened to be a video game ad and not like, a car commercial or something. They filmed on a beach here in CA at Point Mugu where they dressed him like a Psyco and had him ride along said beach where he said they wanted him to rear the horse up and they'd set off mortars around him. The result is this fun and silly bit of filmography, and though I never noticed the mortars, he certainly fits the Borderlands Psyco look.

So What Very Important Video Games Are You All Playing?

Yoda: I spent some time earlier in the week farming for the new Warframe, Gauss. He should be done being built sometime Saturday so I definately can't wait to run faster than Barry Allen.

AJ: aking things back to the PlayStation 1 era with some Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Tekken 3.

Greywolfe: we start in on act ii of titan quest, tonight on the stream!  also, inside is just about wrapped up.  doing a giant edit to sort out the secret items you can find in that game.  plus, i'm now past the opening bit of kyrandia 3 and am about to solve some puzzles in that game.  we'll see how it goes.  i'm still nervous.  :) - got a new microphone, too.  can't use it, yet [still need some pieces for that] but looking forward to putting it all together and seeing how it sounds.

Scroo: Well I guess I'm buying Gears 5, that'll be the first one I've ever played. I'm playing outer Wilds and Celeste and I'm still playing Rebel Galaxy Outlaw AND... I started a new campaign in Warhammer 40k: Space Marine because it's still awesome and it's a travesty that Sega never got to make a sequel to it. I pretty much have no life at all, guys.

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