Well we elected a new President. Good for us. I don't wanna get too political but I don't think there's single one of us who's at all upset about the change of power that will take place two months from now.

Okay that's enough of that. Let's talk about other things.

I missed last weekend in WRUPP'ing because I was busy AF. I was supposed to be busy AF this weekend too but it's rainy and suddenly cold, I even got a little snow over night. Three days ago it was 80 degrees out so this is weird. It kind of sucks too because I just bought a new mountain bike and I was hoping to take it for a good ride, but instead it's sitting indoors out of the rain. That's okay though, there will be some dry days left before winter really starts.

Of course we all know Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed again. It was not supposed to be, but here we are. I'm a little torn by that. On the one hand, I want to play it and I would love for them to stick with a Nov 19th release date. On the other, CDPR wants to make sure it's really buttoned up and ready to release. I'd rather play a better, more complete product than a buggy mess so I'm for the delay. Not to mention it'll perhaps give people a little longer to upgrade their GPU's as stock slowly file back in for NVIDIA and AMD finally releases the 6000 series.

PS5 seems to be overheating a little during demos. Not a great start for the new console. Not to mention it doesn't support 1440p. Maybe that's less of an issue since people don't have 1440p TV's. But there's not even any scaling for support. Silly. Meanwhile the Xbox Series X is basically just a PC now, but it has less than a TB storage so six in one hand and all that.

AC Valhalla releases in a couple of days. I guess I'll see how my aging Vega 64 will handle the running of that since when I bought my 3700X it came with a copy of AC Valhalla. For disclosure though, I don't like the AC series very much, so hopefully I don't just get bored and quit.

Anyway, what's the plan the rest of the weekend guys?

Greywolfe: i'm streaming vampire: the masquerade - coteries of new york. it is attempting to be edgelord-y. i think i'm going to just eyeroll my way through it. so. it's that and more card games on motorcycles.

Scrooloose: I started playing Little Nightmares and it's properly creepy, but the platforming as just awful. I'm still playing Deep Rock Galactic quite a lot though and I still love it.

Yoda: Might play Outward if I feel like wearing great hats on my head, Seven if I feel like stabbing people in the head, Ghost runner if feel like chopping off heads, and Dota if I feel like making people scream their heads off :D

AJ: Halo 5: Guardians and Sega Rally Revo.


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