End of the Month WRUP

Well, here's another week gone. Been a busy few for me and that's good because work usually starts slowing for me quite a bit toward this end of the season. I've managed to put some money aside to budget a new GPU for the recent releases. I plan on waiting for AMD to show us all what RDNA 2 is all about before I actually pull the trigger, but I think I'll end up staying with AMD anyway because I have a Freesync monitor and even though Gsync is supposed to work with Freesync now it's still kind of a crap shoot whether your panel is compatible. And let's face it, I'm not into spending another $300 plus on a new monitor once I get a new GPU.

Here we are, just four days away from the AMD keynote. Feels like it's been forever. I'm really interested to see some numbers and examples in the showcase and of course some individual reviews. I have to say though that I think if I do indeed go with RDNA 2 I'll probably not wait long to make the purchase. AIB's won't have cards for a few months yet if the reports are to be believed and to be honest I have no plans on going into 4k gaming any time soon so even if the reference cards aren't as good, it'll be loads better than my current GPU at 1440p anyway. Hopefully the supplies will do better at reaching demand, though I'm not holding my breath.

There are plenty of "leaked" specs and comparisons out there. Recently I saw some alleged numbers in various bench marks that put RDNA 2 on par or ahead of Ampere in all but ray tracing. If that's true then that's great news because competition is good for everyone. Here's hoping that drivers will be up to spec as well. AMD does have issues with driver support and that could be a big deal for quite a long time if the 5000 series is any indication. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Have a happy Halloween out there, everyone.

Anyway what's going on with you guys this weekend?

Yoda: Been working off my Bass guitar riffs instead of starting with drums like normal for my music projects, been different but fun so I'll be expanding on one of those most of the weekend. As far as Games I've really been enjoying Seven The Days long gone. Friend also just got me into Outward tho and that game has better hats. So more of that if I get game time in. Or just Dota :P

AJ: The Outer Worlds is now on GOG, so probably some of that, along with still more Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Batman: Arkham Knight. I may also try to work in some Cadence of Hyrule.

Greywolfe: card games on motorcycles. but i'm also streaming costume quest 2. i've had one frustrating section so far [where it wasn't entirely clear to me how to get pieces for a costume i needed], but it's been a blast so far. it's got some interesting new systems under the hood, but is basically just an extension of the first game [which is fine. sometimes, that's all you need.

Scroo: Another busy weekend here, not sure what's going on for sure. I am enjoying the Roughneck expansion for Deep Rock Galactic though and I plan on getting some more of that in when I can.

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