WRUP Day and All’s… Well

Well today is the day for WRUP and soon you'll understand my pun. But first: games.

It seems that EA is still being a very EA-like company and is selling FIFA 20 for Switch along with some fine print. The wording states something along the lines of -This is actually FIFA 19 with no noticeable changes except to the roster. That's not the exact wording but FIFA 20 for the Switch is actually called FIFA 20: Legacy Edition. So basically if you have a Nintendo Switch and want to play FIFA 20, you won't get it. What you'll get is FIFA 19 rebranded as FIFA 20 for the same price as a brand new game. I guess I'm just saying to watch what you're buying and read the whole label because EA is being EA again.

On to the WRUP bits

Yoda: Definately going to be seeing Joker, been looking forward to that. As for games, hopefully some more board gaming. Definately more Warframe. It's the  spooky time of the year and of course the Devs have put in a good amount of free (and some also not free) Dia De Los Muertos goodies for us to play with for the month. So I basically have to get a Pumpkin Hat for my Nekros. It's a top priority

Greywolfe: i've now done every escape off of kyrandia in kyrandia 3, so it's onto the second part of the game.  i've also basically finished up spyro 2 [i have one more boss fight and a bonus area to get through, then i'm done.] - so it's a "closing some chapters" sort of week.  though, i'm still very embroiled in both stat grinding for quest for glory 4 and the slow forward march that constitute etherlords 2's card battles.  ps:  final spyro 2 verdict?  any time you're on the game's main path, it's great.  they took out all the dumb jumps and stupid speed you needed from the first game and just made the levels kid-friendly with a little bit of difficulty on top for good measure.  but any time you have to do any bonus challenges?  well.  you're going to want to throw your controller.  it's - as i mentioned before - a game of two very conflicting halves.

AJ: I recently acquired a copy of Contra III: The Alien Wars for my Super Nt, so that, and I’ll probably also be playing some Ghostbusters on a more current gen console in honor of the Halloween month that it currently is. 

Scroo: Gaming really depends on what happens this weekend for me. I've got to pull my well and figure out exactly what's up with the water pressure here. Pressure switch is good, control box is good, pressure tank is good and the bladder is holding pressure. There are no external leaks. So that means it's in the well itself. Maybe I've got a crack in the well pipe and the pressure is just being spit out there instead of making it into the tank. I don't remember but, maybe this system has bleeders on it and one or both of them are leaking slightly. But I'm doubting either of those because pressure doesn't drain when I turn the pump off. So my best guess is that (on the cheaper side) the impeller is chewed up and unable to lift water the relatively shallow 120 feet to the pressure tank any longer. Or on the expensive and most likely side, This pump is over 20 years old now and it may just be dying and no longer able to push the GPM it should any longer. In any case my well is only running at around 10 PSI instead of the 55-60 PSI I should be getting. And the pump will no longer shut off because it can't build that pressure any longer. So this is likely to be my weekend. But if it isn't, I think I may actually start the Surge 2 and see what's what. -This just in, I'm pulling the well-

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