I’m sick, my head feels like it’s exploding about 10 times per second and existence is suffering.

So, what is everyone playing over the weekend?


Scroo:  Still playing Dark Souls 3, still making videos for the LP channel. I finally finished Doom, what a great experience that was, already started Ultra-Nightmare mode. I still can't stream it though, and it's hard to record without crashes. I really hope that's an issue that's fixed asap because I'd love to get a few videos of it up. I also fired up Galak-Z and that's been pretty fun, great art direction, good sound and sort of a nostalgic feeling game play. And finally, I'm thinking pretty strongly about a GPU upgrade pretty soon. With the new Nvidia 1080 releasing on the 27th and the 1070 on June 10th, I'll be looking for price drops. I have my eye on a 390x now since the newest generation cards aren't going to use High Bandwidth Memory after all until the end of the year; aside from the Pro 2 Duo, but I don't have $1500 for a GPU. Even if that doesn't happen right away the new 14nm Polaris GPU's are expected to be officially announced on June first, and even unofficially they aren't much better so far in benchmarks than the current generation, except for the GPU core speed itself. Still, price drops.

Greywolfe: king's quest six.  maybe.  lol.  i can't stick to that game.  also:  finalizing my short run through of spellweaver so i can write something about it for monday, it's ok.  it has HUGE pvp problems.  HUGE.  i'm also making good time in simon the sorcerer - although, in that game, i'm stopping to smell the roses a bit and talking to everyone, because it's kind of awkward sense of humour is...awkward.

Yoda: Oh well I wonder what I'll be playing for me 3 day weekend... Hmmm. It's fucking Overwatch lol Maybe I'll do a short Yoda sucks at Dota as well, but also lots of Overwatch. :D

Andrew: I'm going to tentatively say Forza 5 and/or Gran Turismo 6.

Dr. S: Between my head exploding in real life, I might cut some off in Witcher 3 (getting ready for the new DLC by finally trying to finish the base game) and blow some up in Overwatch, or Uncharted or any of the other three million great titles released in the last few months.