Rising WRUP, Back on The Streets

Hey gang its another Weekend!

WOOT! Let's see what the crew will be up too!

  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube): Grey has gone fishing.  Regular service resumes on 22 may, 2016.
  • Yoda0VGs (Twitter): Getting into Duelyst a good bit. I'll probably stick with till Overwatch comes out.
  • Hamilton: Bit the bullet and bought far harbor for fallout 4.
  • ScrooLoose: Still playing Dark Souls 3 and Doom. Trying to solve issues with Doom and OBS so I can get a live stream going there some time soon. Looking at New game ++ in Dark Souls soon-ish as well.
  • Dante: I'll be playing Shank to complete my #5dM..
  • Andrew: Shock Troopers and Tomb Raider. Also, right now my son is into Earthworm Jim for some reason so I will probably help him play some of that.